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Zhu Weifeng: how to integrate the development of animation and publishing after 10 years of development, China’s animation industry has made rapid development. A research report shows that in 2015, the animation industry output value has exceeded 100 billion yuan, compared with 2005 increased more than 10 times; Animation: "blue book report on the development of animation industry Chinese (2015)" pointed out that in 2020 Chinese animation industry is expected on the basis of a doubling of output value exceeded 200 billion yuan. At the same time, China’s animation more active, animation and derivative products more rich, more complete animation industry chain. China animation industry is entered to the Internet as the core, big animation era form, cross media, cross industry integration and development, on the basis of this, the cartoon publishing how to force, to further promote the integration of development? Followed by the animation era so that innovation has become a new norm with the animation content and technology, industry chain, animation and other industry wide integration, big animation era has quietly come, mainly in 5 aspects. 1, animation support policies continue to implement. At present, the "driving force" China original cartoon publishing support program (hereinafter referred to as the "driving force"), special funds for the project and the development of domestic animation boutique children’s program review, the national animation brand building and protection plan, and promote the socialist core values of the animation support program has become the four largest national animation support initiatives. To the original power, for example, since 2009, has continued to implement the 6, a total of all kinds of animation works to support the project 327, the amount of support close to $50 million. 2, the audience gradually expand the scope of animation. Not only the number of animation audience more and more, and gradually extended to the whole age. At present, Chinese original animation market is both "pig man" "bear" by the children’s favorite cartoon works, there are "qinshiming" journey to the west "the king return" adult audience higher awareness of animation works. Animation is no longer the exclusive children, more and more adults are enjoying animation. 3, domestic animation products continue to emerge. Both "journey to the west of the" return "" big fish "such as Begonia billions of dollars at the box office and get the market highly recognized boutique animated film, also have" lost "sunflower" boy "," long line "and go out in the foreign publication of outstanding comic books, and the" four "series of comic books and other masterpiece international copyright recognized by the organization of animation publications. 4, cartoon image and real life more closely. In the "leaders how to make" video, to see the central leaders of the cartoon image; in the conscription posters, can see the blood soldiers cartoon image; on both sides of the road traffic signs, traffic police can see cartoon warning; on the government website, can see the cartoon or interpretation of the policy index chart. 5, animation industry and related industries depth integration. "Ali" "Nanjing" "horse card Popsicle" in "spicy wonton Ali" has become Nanjing local famous cartoon image, Nanjing is becoming the unique cultural symbols, fusion and tourism, catering industry depth; "Cheval" "ginseng kingdom" "Luo]相关的主题文章: