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Zhang Jiayi and other villagers in Xi’an debut late autumn endless homesickness words Xiang Xi’an network (Zhao Jing Xu Minhe) Mid Autumn Festival is a reunion day, 2016 CCTV Mid Autumn Festival party "to highlight the theme of". The whole party, there are a lot of Shaanxi’s host and actor home, sent a wonderful program for people who. By the three Shaanxi CCTV host brought special programs most attention. The three presenters are Chinese CCTV international channel "Chinese news" "Chinese world" presenter, Xi’an baby Wang Zhou, also born in Xi’an "Legal Report" host Li Xiaodong, born in Hanzhoung, CCTV news channel anchor Hu Die. They rap a performance of "Xi’an self portrait", shocked the audience. With the rhythm of movement, but let each person listen to the lyrics of Xi’an will feel proud, also make the world a better understanding of Shaanxi, Xi’an. "Riverside tidal sea level, sea moon tide of students. She follows the rolling waves for thousands of miles, where the river flows with moonlight!" A rich voice, won thunderous applause, this is the universal God, my hometown in Xi’an when Zhang Jiayi went to the scene. He dressed in robes, sitting on the stone a few side chant "moonlit night", and the background is an open poetry picture, actor Geng Le, Yu Mingjia with soulful chanting, the perfect fusion of the scene. In yesterday’s interview, Zhang Jiayi said, Xi’an is becoming more and more beautiful, thanks to the home, so he can have such an important stage in the party the opportunity to "go home feeling good, feeling good at home over the mid autumn festival."相关的主题文章: