Yong Hou as the next life also do my dad push off popular spy-w-inds.

Yong Hou as the "next life also do my dad" push off popular spy Yong Hou by the Xi’an Qujiang Film Investment Group Limited, Chinese media group, Shenzhen Oriental Saif investment company jointly produced City emotional drama "do my dad" next life, recently in Hubei TV, Jiangxi TV prime time broadcast. Always appear in the screen tough guy Yong Hou [micro-blog] played a touching father in the film, the China Daily reporter yesterday in an interview, Yong Hou said at the time to reject the other paid drama and the choice of the play, the positive energy is the value of this drama show warm. Feelings are every little bit piled up the drama about the last century in 60s, Yong Hou as the man of the northwest Shatuo stick to love commitment, raising non pro children, with the touching story of a thousand miles tracing, through two generations of perplexing emotional entanglements, valuable quality of a true representation of the Chinese people "caring". Yong Hou starred in "Amazon" emerge, in the TV series "daranfang" as legendary businessman Chen Shouting is known to the majority of the audience, with the "Da", "after all," I am worthy of "special forces" [micro-blog] in a classic character and become a tough specialist. This time as a kind-hearted and honest man of the northwest Shatuo, he promised, stick to love, although somewhat reckless is a righteous person, he is willing to have his wife dedicated non pro rearing children, adults with their daughter in Trinidad tracing, a family reunion. Following the "Northern Shaanxi man", followed by Yong Hou fellows, and for 20 years played many roles he said: "man is a man of the northwest Shatuo, but apart from the characteristics of the upright, forthright and perseverance etc. northwest people have, he has a warmth and kindness, this is a real good people have, but many phenomenon in modern society will be the essence of blind people, need some things to wake up light." "Northern Shaanxi man" in baiwenhuan looking for salvaging the road, this is the love of love, "and the next life also do my dad" in Shatuo the story occurred in the last century in 60s, he raised a no blood relationship with their children, Yong Hou said: "although not big feelings. But our life experience who have much bigger feelings? In fact, are piling up a little bit." "For the next life also do my dad" push off hot Spy Drama in the market crazy pursuit of ratings and eye effect of the times, Yong Hou said he had to support his family took some follow the play, "I choose the first thing is to be able to impress me, then I can impress the audience through his own creation. Once shut down for two years, but I found that I want to feed their families, you may need to pick up some of the crowd love I don’t play, just to earn money instead of creation." But do I choose "Dad" next life, because this drama is the value he recognized, "at that time and this drama together for me, and the fire behind the espionage drama and other fees much drama, but I chose to" do my dad "next life, it is because he is the value I can accept. When I was a young man, I rebelled and pursued novelty相关的主题文章: