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Yingtan city lakes "Party +" for the development of vitality — Jiangxi channel — people.com.cn original title: "Yuehu district Party +" for the development of vitality on the smooth progress of the construction of social governance, a new color, obvious effect of improving people’s livelihood…… In recent years, Yingtan city lakes to fully implement the "Party +" concept, the party building work in deepening reform, industrial development, livelihood security, construction of key projects, petition stability and other aspects, and gradually build a party to lead, co-ordinate and promote the development of the work pattern, forming a "focus on the development of a strong atmosphere of catch party building, promote the development of the party, to provide a strong guarantee for the economic and social development. Party building + help economic development. This year, the lake district to carry out to talk about the rules, faith, devotion, performance "as the main content of the" four "theme of practical activities in the masses of Party members and cadres, Party members and cadres to the construction site as a key project of the examination room, to solve the economic development problems as questions, forming a" Lake development. Atmosphere is everybody’s responsibility ". In recent years, the region’s comprehensive economic strength continued to increase, the average annual GDP growth of 13.2%, the public budget revenue grew by an annual average of 21.3%, fixed asset investment grew by an average annual rate of 16.8%. At present, the region’s 89 key construction projects progressing smoothly, the old city with each passing day, the new city continued to gather popularity. "Party building +" promoting social harmony. The Lake District, give full play to the leading role of grass-roots party organizations, the village (neighborhood) Council civil construction as the basis, to build a harmonious peace community as the carrier, promote area units, social organizations to actively participate in the implementation of basic services, Party building, and Multigovernance new situation. In the province to create a "eight in one" stability maintenance management mode, give full play to the town (street), chip package chip package leading cadres and village (community) director of branch secretary, village, police, and package film director, ban long, the unit length of "eight in one" in the work of the comprehensive management of maintenance of stability in the the basic role of the community residents, 300 households and 400 households is divided into a grid, street community party organization, the tentacles extend to the grassroots cadres initiative, "sink" as "Administrator", the "community in the network, network in the lattice, lattice set of people, who bear the responsibility" the grid management pattern, effectively promoting social harmony and stability. Party building + to enhance people’s well-being. The implementation of "85% street lanes downtown Lu Ping, water and light, line Qi"; social endowment insurance and the "three nets" medical insurance system to achieve full coverage of urban and rural residents; the first to build the "old neighbor of a family of community home-based care services center in the province of brand innovation, and promote the province. The lake district always adhere to the people-oriented, people out of trouble and to serve the people in the 5 streets, 40 communities have set up a community party to build a new pattern of Party building, Party building to discuss, transaction management, and create a civilization problem solution, activities were organized, sharing of resources, the region’s more than 1200 job the party came to his residence or hanging point of the community to report, claim service jobs, create residential, single branch Party orders, orders of the "three single" service model, the formation of multi field, full coverage, seamless party)相关的主题文章: