Ye Jing youth trilogy start and Feng Xiaogang Red

Leaves Beijing Youth trilogy starts with Feng Xiaogang recalls the red youth Sina entertainment news in November 6th, Beijing Broadway Centre [micro-blog] held a media conference leaves Beijing Youth trilogy, and the preview episode "remember the song" young. Director and producer Feng Xiaogang leaves Beijing [micro-blog] coming conference, leaves Beijing revealed second "youth of the day" is also in the production, is expected to meet with the public as soon as possible. Ye Jing and Feng Xiaogang shared the original intention of making the trilogy of youth, and the audience had a warm interaction, reproduction of the special period of the red youth memory. AC link Ye Jing will create a trilogy of youth "youth of the day" production after the screening, the director leaves Beijing said that the red youth is an indelible memory for life, he cherished theme is, with images of all experienced those special generation years made the spirit of biography, remodeling after 50 the history of soul shock. In the TV series, Beijing leaves the director’s work is highly praised, the youth trilogy will be his new challenge in the movie, he also "conceits TV is the wife, movie lovers". Being produced in the trilogy second "youth of the day", according to Wang Shuo’s novel "is the heart of the play" adaptation, leaves Beijing to self homing, sip, Kai Xuan, Yan, an ancient musical instrument Wenxuan starring Zhang Doudou. Youth trilogy in addition to "remember the young song", "with the youth of the day", the third "looking for friends" has also been in the plan. Leaves Beijing director also expressed his thoughts on the current Chinese film, there are too many commercial film art film under the banner name to confuse the public, and he is the opposite, the use of commercial elements to serve the real art films, such as the preview of the song "remember" the young leaves, the director used Beijing many popular youth songs, there are abundant blood youth scenes, very contagious. Four hours of record record show red years special memories of youth the preview of the song "remember the boy" for 246 minutes, is a tough challenge to participate in the preview viewing audience, and a wonderful story, nostalgic atmosphere, sincere feelings let the audience are immersed, after mapping the AC link the audience responded enthusiastically. The director leaves Beijing, 246 minutes "remember the song" youth reference to director Edward Yang’s classic "a brighter summer day" in the pattern, such as "American foreign history", only four hours to complete implementation of the director’s intention. The film from the preparation to the official shooting and then to meet with the audience after a full sixteen years, can be called the effort. Feng Xiaogang and Wang Shuo leaves Beijing as director of friends, as the film producer and art director Feng Xiaogang, the film tells the story of many scenes anecdotes in the field of preparation. Feng Dao said, because the similar and leaves Beijing youth experience, let him on duty producer of the film, no special period of youth experience, it is difficult to control the film is full of passion and romantic style, and four hour length is a "willful" leaves Beijing director, only so long to complete show that special leaf Beijing Director)相关的主题文章: