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Xinhua News Agency: Gaming professional college applicants will rush into the Xinhua news agency Reuters new media title: electronic sports professional in Higher Vocational Colleges: will lead for boom? Recently, the Ministry of education, vocational education and Adult Education Department announced the 2016 supplement of the year 13 professional, including E-sports and management professional included, and from 2017 onwards. Professional electronic sports in Colleges and universities in the e-sports industry "name" at the same time, it will cultivate more talents of professional electronic sports professional development of the industry, boost confidence. However, the prospects for the development of the profession, experts and industry insiders recommend the need for comprehensive consideration, rational view. E-sports is not "work" in early 2003, electronic athletics is approved by the State Sports General Administration of sports became the ninety-ninth officially launched in China in 2008, and was re defined as the No. Seventy-eighth sports. "E-sports and management" was included in the higher occupation school, "added professional login in good taste", has unusual significance for the industry. In the eyes of many parents equate to playing video games, there are Internet users can not help but ask, playing the game can get a diploma?" The Beijing times Sports Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Li Jinlong said: "before the electronic athletics for students’parents is great scourges of Ministry of education, the new regulations allow E-sports with ‘birthright’, on behalf of the National Accreditation of the electronic games of this new thing." The new regulations also help to reverse the social bias of E-sports practitioners. Ningxia Yinchuan WCA Electronic Sports Club Hussey responsible people excitedly told reporters: "when it comes to electronic games, many people associate to Internet cafes to play games’ punks’, we ought to think. And the creation of electronic sports in higher education can not only change the social view of the e-sports industry, will also help to reverse the social prejudice of E-sports players." In addition, the electronic sports and management specialty is more focused on the electronic games industry standard guide, rather than the spread of online game players training. Higher Education Research Institute of Ningxia University professor Zhou Fusheng said that any professional settings are based on the needs of society, the higher occupation school is more focused on the occupation training and skill training, which is consistent with the characteristics of electronic athletics itself. For industry standardization development, professional electronic sports is more focused on the training of E-sports operation and management, which helps to improve the level of e-sports industry itself, improve the quality of talents, promote the development of E-sports industry. To train the players to be more operational personnel after years of continuous exploration, China’s E-sports is experiencing from disorder to order, from the system to the development of industrialization. IResearch 2015, China e-sports industry research report shows that in 2015 the overall market size of China’s e-sports industry reached 26 billion 910 million yuan, an increase of more than in 2014 of 18.9%. Among them, the e-sports event revenue of 310 million yuan, the club, the direct broadcast platform E-sports derivative income of $2 billion 70 million, e-sports game revenue of $24 billion 530 million, respectively, compared with 2014 growth of 143%, 137% and 13%. With the continuous development of e-sports industry, talents"相关的主题文章: