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Xi’an tour is the vermilion copycat Terracotta Army official Beijing October rectification new network – in 8, according to the Xi’an Internet Information Office official micro-blog news, according to media reports of "suspected of being taken to Xi’an Tour Scenic Tourism Bureau said the copycat tube", Xi’an City Tourism Bureau today responded that will be dealt with severely involved personnel, and concentrate for a period of 3 months of the tour market order rectification, to further standardize the order of the tourism market. In October 6th, CNR network reporter unannounced visits to Xi’an tour, was brought to the Palace of the Earth, more than and 200 square meters of underground space cramped around dark, almost all the wax products, which also put a coffin: "is Qin Shihuang’s coffin, but is made of wax." Then the reporter was brought to the eight wonders of the museum world, actually can visit the pharaoh Khufu’s tomb, ironically, the Terracotta Army "eyelid, red lips". The reporter complained to the local tourism bureau, the staff said "bad attitude, above all is the regular attractions, as long as the tour guide explains these attractions of the trip, not the Tourism Bureau on the tube, the problem for transportation." According to the Xi’an Internet Information Office official micro-blog informed the municipal government of Xi’an City Tourism Bureau, the new city government, Lintong district government to take strong measures to strengthen joint law enforcement, the XiAn Railway Station to Lintong surrounding the black car, black guide to intensify the crackdown. In October 7th, the Xi’an Municipal Tourism Bureau held a special meeting, the personnel involved of preliminary treatment, will seriously deal with the personnel involved, instructed the inspection team to carry out tourism market discipline appraisal style. Make a decision on the tourist complaints department suspended inspection complaints telephone staff, according to the investigation and further processing. According to the complaint, and the Palace of the Earth Museum of the eight wonders of the world, scenic spots, banquet site Wang Ying attractions, asked the Lintong Tourism Bureau as soon as possible on the area of the hardware facilities, service quality, advertising and other special inspection. The Palace of the Earth, Museum of the eight wonders of the world and Hongmenyan ruins scenic 3 3A level scenic spots in the National Tourism Administration issued tourism scenic quality rating management measures to carry out self-examination. Special inspection found problems, by the Lintong District Tourism Bureau in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to deal with serious. From October 7, 2016 to January 7, 2017, Xi’an will use 3 months time, concentrating on the "day" market order rectification, and resolutely crack down on the black car, black lead, "unreasonable low price" tour "tour route of man-made attractions too much" and "deception, forced shopping and other acts. At the same time adhere to the territorial management, conscientiously implement the joint law enforcement mechanism.相关的主题文章: