Xiamen men’s transfer actually hit a zero to 4400 yuan to become $44000 kairui

Xiamen man was playing a zero transfer caused 4400 yuan from 44000 yuan in Xiamen – Xiamen daily news (trainee reporter Ye Shuyang) received a message, Zhao Xiansheng is first one, then a cold sweat. In order to operate the business and renting the transfer, he actually hit a zero! This time, however, he met a kind man without any loss. Mr. Zhao excited the call the newspaper news hotline 968820, told reporters on the experience. "18 in the morning, I have a cold transfer time also have dizzy spells, didn’t look." Mr. Zhao said that he used the Alipay cloud technology platform to the future of Xiamen limited transfer, after operation did not see mobile phone. Unexpectedly, he had to transfer four thousand and four hundred yuan, hit a zero, became a $forty-four thousand. And this mistake, Mr. Zhao has not found. More than five in the afternoon, Mr. Zhao finally restored the spirit. When he picked up the mobile phone, see is a series of Alipay "request add buddy" prompt, and employees of the company to Mr. sms. This time I found that he actually turned over forty thousand yuan in the past!" Remember this moment, Mr. Zhao is still a lingering fear. If the other party refuses to return the money, is it not?…… Before he knew how to do nothing, to take the initiative to add his Mr. Alipay, put the extra money back. "Isn’t that supposed to be done? More is more, should be returned to others." When it comes to Mr. Xiang, he told reporters. In the future of Xiamen cloud technology platform limited to work a few years he said, in the afternoon after the discovery of this situation, has been trying to find Mr. Zhao, in a variety of ways to contact for more than an hour, and finally successfully transferred the money back. In Xiamen for several years, ready to set up shop Mr. Zhao, his own experience lamented. "Xiamen is indeed a civilized city, really have the good faith, good!" This is the most spoken word. Ready to take root in Xiamen, he is full of confidence in the future of the city.相关的主题文章: