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Xi Jinping used the "three great" Sun Zhongshan advocated building Chinese dream – Beijing China Communist News Network November 11 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhao Jing Yang Wenquan) this morning, Mr. Sun Zhongshan commemorate the 150 anniversary of the birth of the conference held in Beijing, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC chairman Xi Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. Xi Jinping spoke highly of Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s historical contributions and called on him to learn and inherit his precious spirit. Central Party School professor Xie Chuntao, Xin Ming, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher at the Institute of contemporary China scholars such as Liu Guoxin said in an interview with reporters Chinese Communist News Network, Xi Jinping in his speech on the evaluation of Mr. Sun Zhongshan made a summary of all the Chinese people to learn from Sun Zhongshan, in order to realize the peaceful reunification of the motherland and make greater contributions to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation initiative. The "three great" highly historical contribution of Sun Zhongshan Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech, Mr. Sun Zhongshan is a great pioneer of the great national hero, a great patriot, Chinese democratic revolution, life to the revolutionary mission to save the nation, contributed to the annals of the Chinese nation. Xie Chuntao believes that general secretary Xi Jinping with the three great height of the historical contribution of the evaluation of the contribution of the United States, is very deep, very deep, very deep, and so on. The modern China face the plight of domestic trouble and foreign invasion "nation", Sun Zhongshan put forward the "civil rights" "people’s livelihood" three advocates, namely to achieve national independence, democracy and people’s livelihood, creating a modern national democratic revolution in the true sense. "Today we commemorate Sun Zhongshan, is also a memorial in salvation, fought in the rejuvenation of the Chinese people who are actuated by high ideals." Xin Ming said. Learning the spirit of unity and cohesion of the revolutionary predecessors Chinese General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed in his speech, to learn Sun Zhongshan’s "love the motherland, the motherland of the noble demeanor" and "people’s heart, the whole world as one community broad feelings" and "the pursuit of truth, with excellent quality", "firm and indomitable spirit of struggle never yield in spite of reverses". Xin Ming said that the great minds of Chinese society are interlinked, as long as the hearts of the motherland and the people, will be respected by future generations. "Today, we should inherit the spirit of Sun Zhongshan and the great cause, must achieve the unity of the whole world as one community." Xie Chuntao said the General Secretary Xi also called for unity and cohesion of the Chinese people to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Mr. Sun Zhongshan is the best memorial for the rejuvenation of the Chinese Communist Party continues to struggle "Chinese revolution is Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s most ardent supporters, most loyal partners, the most faithful successor." Xie Chuntao talked about the general secretary Sun Zhongshan’s speech with the Chinese Communist Party and the Communist Party of China led the cause of a good link. Sun Zhongshan’s dream can not be achieved at the time of the historical conditions, but some have been achieved today, we want to hold the banner of the revitalization of china. Liu Guoxin thinks, we commemorate the great characters, the history of revolutionary pioneers, including the great leader of our party, every memorial are rich and profound connotation, is to commemorate the martyrs of our ancestors, descendants of enlightenment. We should study hard.相关的主题文章: