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Wuhan plus push 11 flats, Hankou film is still "housing for the large area", "golden nine silver ten" at the end of the push plate tide, so that the Wuhan property market in the first week of November supply and marketing booming. Yesterday, reporters learned from the 100 million Housing Research Center, November 2nd – 8, Wuhan new housing transactions 6094 sets, more than the previous week nearly 2000 sets. According to monitoring, market supply, in addition to the "golden nine silver ten" during a large number of new houses into the city last week, the push plate is still large, Wuhan opened a total of 11 projects to push, Hankou is still "for the housing area, the rest of the plate is set up more to the east of Optics Valley. Judging from the turnover of each area, Dongxihu film won the weekly champion with 783 sets of results. Overall, non restricted areas are still eye-catching performance, 3011 sets of weekly turnover. But because the number of the downtown hot plate, last week 3083 sets of transactions, the purchase of regional volume again over the non restriction area of Wuhan, thus the average transaction price of new homes rose slightly, rose to 10682 yuan per square meter. The industry believes that in October from the purchase of the new deal after the price trend, since the Wuhan housing prices have been 10500 yuan square meters near the small fluctuations, compared to before the new 10000-11000 yuan per square meter between the fluctuation amplitude, more stable. Coupled with the new deal, the market supply warmer, the volume and price stabilization situation is expected to continue until the end of the year. Reporters also learned that with the "golden nine silver ten" to push this wave of small climax will temporarily come to an end, next week the market will push the tempo slowed down, the city is expected to have 4 projects into the market, and the new city non purchase. Recent non restricted regional turnover or will exceed the restricted purchase area, resulting in a temporary pullback in Wuhan housing prices.

武汉加推11个楼盘 汉口片依然是“供房大区”“金九银十”末期的推盘潮,使武汉楼市11月首周供销两旺。昨日记者从亿房研究中心获悉,11月2日—8日,武汉新房成交6094套,比前一周多了近2000套。据监测,市场供应方面,除了“金九银十”期间大量新房入市外,上周推盘量依然较大,武汉共有11个项目开盘加推,汉口片依然是“供房大区”,其余板块则以光谷东推盘量较多。从各片区的成交排位来看,东西湖片以783套的成绩夺得周成交冠军。总体来看,非限购区域依旧表现抢眼,周成交3011套。不过由于中心城区多盘热销,上周成交3083套,限购区域成交量再度超过非限购区域,武汉新房成交均价也因此小幅上涨,回升至10682元 平方米。业内认为,从限购新政后的房价走势来看,10月份以来,武汉房价一直在10500元 平方米附近小幅波动,相较于新政之前10000-11000元 平方米之间的波动而言,震幅平稳了许多。再加上新政后市场供应回暖,量价企稳的状况预计会一直持续到年末。记者还了解到,随着“金九银十”而来的这波推盘小高潮将暂时告一段落,下周楼市的推盘节奏将有所放缓,全市预计有4个项目入市,且以非限购的新城区为主。近期非限购区域成交量或将再度超过限购区域,从而导致武汉房价出现短暂回调。相关的主题文章: