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"World of Warcraft: the Legion coming" underground city preview   magic stars and cloister courtyard game original title: the Legion’s underground city and the stars in the courtyard Gallery preview magic "Legion coming", Ai Ze Lars’s heroes are faced with many challenges, one of these hidden in the Broken Isles underground city. In this underground city preview, two underground city we will take you to the city of Sulama: Magic courtyard gallery and stars. Magic stars into the courtyard and corridors with different ways such as the throat of the Soul Eater copy. These two copies are only open to the highest level of players, and in order to enter these copies, you will need to increase the popularity of the area by the mission line. After that, you will also need to organize a pre build team to get into these copies. These two copies are not common or heroic mode, which also to some extent, enhance their difficulty. If you want to face this challenge, please read the following and learn more about it. The lowest level of magic Corridors: 110 position: Sulama demand: Sulama faction. Create epic difficulty only. Head number: 5 Sulama city of magnificent covered city underground pipeline network is more broad than the city. The children of the night’s social life is based on the energy of the wells, and the blood of life like the night passed to the water around the city is the magic of underground corridors. The labyrinth of the building has a history of thousands of years, it buried in the city of tall building foundation, the people living in the city who didn’t even know what is hidden in the shadow of their feet…… Notes: developers are starting to plan Sulama underground city, we want to add some ancient underground city shadow, such as Blackstone abyss, hope to be able to reflect the design style of the grand scale, with a fork and the turning. We believe that the grand Sulama city foundation is a copy of this size is a perfect place. The magic corridor is not as random as violet prison raid leader, but each game player will find into a copy of the open door is different, which makes the game experience become more diverse, also let the game player can choose their love way, explore the maze like corridors. Iver: can’t get power from the dark wells Iver was banished into the darkness of the magic Gallery, where he was wandering aimlessly, and gradually lost power. But later, he found the treasure at the foundation of Surama’s great library. Now every day he worked tirelessly to decipher where the classics, and learn from the sacred power of archives to sustain life. But things can only maintain the strength of his body, his mind is still weak. (Shen Guangqian, commissioning editor Yang Bo) original title: the Legion’s underground city preview magic corridors and the stars garden consultant Fandos Fandos is one of the most avery Sander advisers, his ability to harness the magic night well after Eli Sander himself. He usually goes into the corridor but not magic, in the notice that the night elves falling Resistance Army and its allies state)相关的主题文章: