World Cup first round draw with intelligence the Faroe Islands European Cup 16 strong Hungarian clonecd

The preliminary information: the Faroe Islands European Cup 16 round draw with Hungary on Friday 013 strong             World Cup; Latvia; VS     the Faroe Islands;   2016-10-08; 02:45         location: Via Lee Fagafaga is expected to pull off: 10 degrees cloudy weather situation: Latvia Latvia team the team’s latest world ranking of ninety-fifth, compared with the previous two months have improved, although the team participated in the 2004 European Cup finals, but since then gradually decline, the 2016 European Cup qualifiers, they ranked Kazakhstan ranked bottom after the first round of World Cup, they face the weakest group the team has also won Andorra, only 1:0, opponents of the game than the strength of the Faroe Islands Andorra. The Faroe Islands team status: one of the minnows of the Faroe Islands is Europe, currently ranked 111 in the world, but in this group, their strength is slightly stronger than andorra. The team nearly 15 games 3 wins, 1 draws and 11 losses, including two wins in Greece, a European Championship beat Greece led directly to the Ranieri after class, to some extent, but also created the myth of Leicester, but amateur players. The Faroe Islands first team alive preliminaries draw European Cup 16 strong Hungarian the team broke the unexpected. Clash history: the two sides did not fight record recently. Game Analysis: the field of Macao to the Lord let a ball high water handicap, Latvia opened the poor performance of the Faroe Islands, but broke the sleeper, the upper heat is not too high, William at the beginning of 1.36 / 4.50

7 historical record home winning percentage close to 70%, the 3 single gall. The first prediction: Latvia: Waningsi, Garg Martin J Keith, Gabor J J, Marcos Menko, Ikane Keith, Kors, gorkss Yi, Razins, Zujinsi card, Visnakovs, Sabara, Hansen, Nelson: the Faroe Islands Nadisitade, Qiao Ensen, Davidson, Gregson, Olsen, Hansen, w Hamar, Benjamin Sen, Edmund Dodson SMG recommended: Sheng (the old Shengping Fu K)相关的主题文章: