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The woman is still breastfeeding drug 4 month old daughter or "addicted" to Sohu News – China Xianyang daily news (reporter Yang Hao) Xianyang a drug of three or four years of husband and wife, wife during pregnancy or even quit drugs, now 4 months old daughter are still eating mother’s milk drug. The child is likely to rely on breast milk to rely on, very sad. > > couple with 4 month old daughter to buy drugs on the morning of 11, in the three canal Jingyang County Public Security Bureau police station, deputy director Liu Bin introduced the morning of November 10th, they patrol in the three area of highway 208 along the canal town, suddenly found a man and a woman in the street back to the road to smoke, the woman pregnant also holding a child, seems to be waiting for what, see the police came, they look very nervous. The police questioned that this is one of the police by registered drug addicts, is Sanyuan County 35 year old man, surnamed Xie, 34 year old woman, surnamed Han, husband and wife, no proper occupation. The police found the heroin injection needle on them, they had to admit there is waiting for the line to send drugs. Two people were brought back to the police station, urine test was positive, they admitted that the previous night just at home shot heroin. Xiemou, Han confessed that they had three or four years before taking drugs, methamphetamine, finally evolved into heroin injection. Let the police angry that they took the baby girl was only 4 months old, is their own daughter, but also in the period of lactation Han also continued to inject heroin, her daughter is eating her breast milk. > > 4 children with normal children and some do not like "I gas is not one to play, I asked Mr. Han, since you inject drugs, why should breastfeed, you don’t know the drug in the body there is a long time, the child will form addiction through breast milk? You will be a child for a lifetime." Police said Liu Bin, Han was a child head, a silent. Liu Bin said angrily, "why do you have two children to take drugs?" As a result, two people looked up at him, the expression is indifferent, but also with a smile. The same day, all the police in the case, the most distressed than three police station police Zhang Qian, she is also a child’s mother. Han couple was brought to the police car, Zhang Qian has been holding the child in his arms, and even she was also on duty room witnessed the process of feeding the child to the han. "I really can’t wait to take a few slap in the past, it’s just not human." Zhang Qian said, Mr. Han to breastfeed her child when she tried to dissuade her, even want to put the baby to go home to take care of themselves, "but the child has eaten 4 months of breast milk, and normal children are not the same, shit urine are not cry, not a bit naughty, should is the reaction of drugs." Zhang Qian said. According to police reports, in general, a woman in the history of drug abuse drug for at least a year to get pregnant, and maternal drug use in lactation, not only has great influence on their own, also have a certain impact on the child suck breast milk. Drugs will enter the milk, resulting in children will also rely on or addiction;相关的主题文章: