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Wind and rain for ten years, we have traveled together – Sohu travel my beloved, in the horizon, there is a vast expanse of grassland…… My beloved, in the mountains, deep in the mountains is the golden Xingan…… My beloved, in the Bay, Eergu’Na river across the prairie…… Often hear this song, the heart will be thrown into endless agitation; often hear this song, behind it will ring countless singing. Hulun Buir, with the vast grassland, give us too much love, Hulun Buir, with the towering Xingan, give us too much pride and unrestrained! As the people of Hulun Buir, really into the grasslands, on the top of Xingan, but also from ten years ago. In 2015, the Hulun Buir youth Photographers Association established, formally established in 2016, and filming in Hulun Buir, Hulun Buir as the main task of publicity and promotion. In order to common interests, for the common aspiration of the year, a group of like-minded buddies together. From that day, I set foot on the road of professional photography team, ten years, led the Hongkong, Macao, China and Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries and regions of the photography teacher, constantly taken in the vast world of Hulun Buir, taken on the boundless grassland, for taken in the snow top of Xingan, was taken in Eergu’Na on the right bank of the river. Continuous efforts, constantly struggle, ten years, we gain a beautiful picture, you gain more love, harvest more praise, because we have been in the effort to build Hulun Buir Hulun Buir publicity, photography tourism brand! The beauty of Hulun Buir known as many literary masters you more than ink from decades ago in praise of the prairie, today the people of Hulun Buir known as "an earthly paradise", "God does not overturn the palette", all praise, in fact cannot accurately describe the depiction of Hulun Buir! The charm of the Hulun Buir prairie so that many people can not resist, in the charm of this appeal, so they do everything possible, almost desperate to Hulun Buir, towards the prairie. The beauty of Hulun Buir to surprise, after all, here is the world’s third prairie, after all, here is a pure land without pollution, after all, there are deep national culture, after all, the mountains here are so handsome lover! For the prairie I was just a passing traveler, endless beauty, endless praise! I love the birch forest, can brains do not know what the word to describe her, tall and beautiful? The extraordinary? Very pretty and charming…… It’s not enough to express my feelings for her…… (source: "old go! Go to see the prairie ") in mid September this year, the couple participated in autumn photography folk group from the Hulun Buir youth Photographers Association organized and personally team. This is the first time we set foot on the land of Hulun Buir, Hulun Buir colorful fragrant autumn, an exquisite scenery, scenery is gorgeous spectacular. Let us in a week’s time, a line of eight people, friends and recreation leshe music, music does not think of returning home! (source: Jun Zi teacher line Hulun Buir) to the point of view, people seem to prefer summer!相关的主题文章: