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Why do more and more people want to buy second-hand car – Sohu car to buy second-hand car? Many people will have a question in mind: second-hand car really good? Some people would rather spend a few times to buy a new one. They are worried that the price of a point of goods, used car did not imagine the good, it is only the people who have no money. But I’m here to buy a used car! Although you are very rich. Buy used cars! Even if you don’t have any money in your pocket. In recent years, with the development of automobile industry, the major manufacturers to launch a strong new products to win the market, while at the same time, with the residents’ consumption level, people’s desire to buy a car and then further enhanced, but compared to the new car market, in fact, quite a few people will choose the second-hand car. As a Car Buying or will Car Buying Aijuyizu, you chose the second-hand car is what reason? One case: Mr. Yan is the manager of the company, there are almost 150 thousand yuan of spare cash on hand, ready to change a car, but he learned a query that 150 thousand can buy a compact car, but in a regular second-hand car trading market, the same money but you can find a good medium car. So after a comprehensive consideration he chose a favorite second-hand car. Case two: my name is "big China" area, recently spotted a 10 blue hatchback Fawkes, in good condition, his owner is a doctor, display mileage 73000, the weather is cooler in engine idle 1200, three or four minutes after the idle in early 1000, temporarily not to run out, had a butt. A paint, the rest did not find traces of sheet metal repair. Just this year, with books, novice, buy hand over. There are several types of options to choose from, if it is you, that is a few you choose the real reason for the used car? (s) now people gradually accept second-hand car are many, mainly have the following 1, the same money can choose a higher level of the second-hand car, there is face! 2, I am a novice, the choice of second-hand car hand, will buy a new car; 3, money is tight, choose a suitable second-hand cars; 4, I love driving car Master, different types of cars; 5, for other reasons, welcome car age shorter today’s second-hand car is different from the 10 years the second-hand car, second-hand car 10 years ago may have been 10 years old or 20 years old, the car is very few, to replace the new frequency is not so high now, so the second-hand car condition are not good. Today, the second-hand car, the largest sales are less than 3 years old, the condition is relatively new, naturally increase acceptance. Car Buying psychological changes in the past, many small local car are shooting flowers, like her daughter married, married men like grand ceremony, so naturally can not accept the arrival of second-hand car. Today, just as easy to buy a car to buy a cell phone, a family may have a few cars, and the use of the car is also more finely differentiated, buy a used car rational consumption concept has been established. Car stalls 3相关的主题文章: