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Sports-and-Recreation The Charlotte Bobcats observer newspaper today to coach Larry Brown had an interview, the league’s famous coach in the interview said he are chosen the Bobcats, precisely because his boss called Michael Jordan . In Jordan working under what does it feel like? Reporter asked Brown, any disrespect to Jordan to the team pay for the people are stupid, I early before they said to yourself, in this team was sold before, I wouldn’t work for other teams. Want to know, the reason why I came here, it is precisely because Air Jordan and choose to continue to adhere, also because of Jordan. Brown answered. Reporter: As a boss, he do? Brown: I get along now and the team management is very good, because our goal is the same, that is to help the team move on. Jordan is trust me, it makes me to dedicate myself to work. In addition, before I get along with people who work very well, they now have become a general manager, and some become a coach, and we keep in constant contact. I was involved in the construction of Jordan said that the affirmative team, because we have always the same objectives. Reporter: Talk about the squad now the bobcats, let you most admire which point, you worry most about which point? Brown: My favorite is their really want to. This is a group of excellent players, the team’s locker room atmosphere is very harmonious. As for said worry about a thing, that is so much, for example injury problems. But what concerns me most is the younger players have team prepare to the new season. When the Hornets still in the Charlotte, they are full every game, so now their biggest challenge is how to make stadium were full. It should be noted that a different place, that is the Bobcats boss called Jordan , alliance that only one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: