Whose town was destroyed by the war of the parents crycry

Whose town was destroyed by the war of the parents? Have a class meeting, I give every student a piece of paper, let them write down on paper a wish. Paper close up, I found that there is a girl’s wish was – Mom and dad no longer quarrel! …… Have a smoke four home will develop a soul wandering child micro-blog had circulated a picture, a cement poles on a piece of white paper, above is a child, he used green watercolor pen to write: "my mom and dad go to school! You don’t have C ojià, and C; (quarrel) have ojià (quarrel), I Dutch act." The font is very immature, "fight" will not write, also use pinyin…… The children to death, let me think of a word: why parents quarrel, the child is very sensible? Why? Because he was afraid! In the past, I have a rich two generations of students, baby face, how to see how innocent. If not that time at the corner of the encounter, I do not believe in killing him, so as to hold the smoke. I was surprised to find him in private. He said, mom and dad last night and they quarrel, noisy night, I woke up one night, the school also don’t want to go home, so want to learn a large [micro-blog] people smoking boredom…… Yes, the real rich parents love each other! I have to give this sentence 32 points! A rich family, if the smoke from four onwards, will certainly develop a soul wandering children. The child was hurt is not a few words can be stitched together, we are always in front of the children unbridled quarrel, and then there is a very strong apology, that after the storm is a rainbow. There is a very pure very pure American movie "she bangs", the little girl Juliana’s parents, at dinner, before going to bed, they took turns over to the child to apologize, said: "I’m sorry, it’s not your fault, we will think of ways to solve." The lens is very warm…… Yang Lan [micro-blog] is also talking about a small episode – one time, I had a very violent conflict with mr.. After a bit of emotional stability, we both realized that we had done something terrible. Then, we went to the children’s room, knelt down on one leg, said to him with a completely straight angle: "Mom and dad just did a very foolish thing, we quarrel in front of you, but with a very indecent language, we sincerely apologize to you, please forgive me who. The apology is sincere, dad mom magnanimous, but the child’s heart hurt, is it a few words of apology can be stitched? So, parents quarrel, if not for elegant noisy decent, please also hide a no human habitation place! The world’s most unforgivable war is to the child as a victim of parents is the children’s day, your own band he came to earth, and let his sky Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles. Such parents, very selfish. These years have witnessed a strange situation, there are many: Hubei massacre in Huanggang, a couple quarrel, the wife turned the two-year-old son from the seven floor down and die on the spot; Sichuan Luzhou, the parents)相关的主题文章: