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Sports-and-Recreation It happens every year, and 2006 will not be any different – certain players around the league seemingly .e from nowhere to have phenomenal seasons, creating a buzz on the field that can be felt all the way to the football tickets window. We’ll take a look at who could bust out this season in a big way. Ronnie Brown The second-year back .es into the 2006 season as the clear number one RB on the depth chart in Miami. He reported late last year and also had to share time with Ricky Williams, but he’s had a full season and an offseason of training in the Miami system and Williams is now making a living in Canada. Brown also has a much better QB in the backfield with him in Daunte Culpepper, so teams will have to respect the passing game, opening more lanes for the big and fast Brown to exploit. If he finishes with less than 1,300 yards in this run-oriented system, consider it a surprise. Chester Taylor Taylor .es to Minnesota from Baltimore as a free agent, and he’ll get his first chance to carry the mail for a team in the NFL. He was always second fiddle to Jamal Lewis in Baltimore, but he averaged more than 5 yards per carry in somewhat-limited action. In Minnesota, he’ll be playing for a coach who loves to run the ball and behind a talented offensive line. If Taylor stays healthy, he’ll easily surpass the 1,000 yard mark for the first time in his career. Shawne Merriman It’s hard to say that someone who posted 10 sacks in his rookie year is ready to break out, but the fact is that Merriman learned on the fly last year and has reshaped his 270-pound frame during the offseason, making him one of those players who’s truly scary. He’s learned the game, worked relentlessly on his weaknesses and plays in a system that allows him to wreak havoc in the backfield. Don’t be surprised to see him get 15 sacks or more this year. Merriman will be selling football tickets in San Diego all by himself in 2006. Matt Jones Jones was drafted in 2005 more for his freak-of-nature athletic skills than anything else as he was a QB in college. He has had a year to learn the WR position and Jacksonville’s long-time number-one option, Jimmy Smith, suddenly retired this spring creating a void in their offense. Jones hasn’t lost any of his remarkable athletic ability, so he is the leading candidate to see a lot of passes go his way. He’s also big and fast making him not only a deep threat, but also a potential nightmare to defend on the fade routes in the red zone. Cedric Benson Benson had a disappointing rookie season as he staged a long holdout and was behind for most of the 2005 season. As a result, veteran Thomas Jones stepped in and played too well for Benson to see much of the ball. This year, Benson is in camp, and Jones is unhappy with his contract. Jones also suffered a hamstring injury at the outset of camp, so Benson is poised to step in and carry the load. The Bears love to pound the ball, so Benson could get over 300 carries in 2006, and given his natural ability, that could add up to a big year. Bears fans have never needed much of a reason to snap up football tickets, but Benson may very well provide it this year anyway. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: