What Is The Difference Between A Rough Diamond And A Polished Diamond-kaya scodelario

Jewelry-Diamonds When you hear the word diamond, you likely picture a sparkling clear gemstone cut into a round, square, marquis, pear or princess cut with facets reflecting light. You are probably familiar with the 4 Cs of diamonds carat, cut, color and clarity. But are you aware that these cut, polished diamonds are processed from rough diamonds? A rough diamond is a diamond found in nature just as it was created in the earth over billions of years. Rough diamonds are mined and have unique shapes, sizes and .e in more colors than any other gemstone. Throughout history diamonds have been admired for their beauty. Rough diamonds were thought to have healing properties and special energy. There was a time when the concept of altering a rough diamond was tantamount to destroying the special powers the gemstone possessed that were granted to its owner. It wasnt until the 147th century that rough diamonds began to be cut and polished to eventually have the look we are now accustom to seeing in engagement rings, necklaces, earrings and other diamond jewelry items. The process of cutting and polishing a rough diamond generally requires the help of another diamond. As diamonds are the hardest substance, industrial diamonds are used for cutting the precious gemstone. It requires a precise skill to know where to cut and how to navigate natural flaws in the diamond. The polishing process then allows light to be refracted into and through the diamond. In recent years the natural and intrinsic beauty of the rough diamond has .e into vogue. Rough diamonds have provided inspiration for jewelry brands to create pieces using uncut, unpolished diamonds. Settings are designed around the diamond, since the rough diamond, unlike a cut and polished diamond is not processed into a uniform shape and size. There is a uniqueness achieved in each piece of rough diamond jewelry because no two rough diamonds are alike. Ultimately the difference between a rough diamond and a polished diamond is that one is in its natural state and the other has been processed. For centuries the rough diamond was considered sacrosanct until cutting and polishing became popular. Now consumers have the option to show their personal style by choosing jewelry showcasing a rough diamond or polished diamond or using both in their diamond jewelry collection. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: