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The American general election ballot on what are the original title: Liu Xuewei: American general election ballot on what is located in the northeastern United States of Massachusetts is the founding of the United States when one of the thirteen states, the United States is one of the most affluent. Boston, the capital of the state, is one of the most European and cultural cities in the United states. Harvard, known as the world’s top universities, and MIT are all here. Here the streets are walking filled with bookish young people. Many of the world’s top companies such as Google, Microsoft and other research institutions are also here. In November 2nd this year, we went to visit the couple’s son here, had the opportunity to visit the u.s.. Not long after I arrived in the United States, I saw an early vote, whether it was a matter of fact or an issue. My son has no right to vote until he arrives in the United states. But his fiancee is an American and has the right to vote. The vote was sent to her by the authorities. As long as you apply, even without reason, early voting ballots will be sent to your home. In a large envelope was a ballot, a notice of the vote, a stamped envelope, and a smaller envelope. Sent to the home of three sets of votes (the picture provided by the author) vote in the notice of a total of 8 models, most unusual. If you are unable to write or read or read in English, you can ask someone else to fill in the ballot paper for two." "If you can’t fill out the ballot, you must declare the name of the person who helped you fill out the ballot." The vote is 45 centimeters long, with both sides. Really a lot of content. The first part is the election of the president of the United States, there are four candidates. Clinton of the Democratic Party, the Liberal Party, the greens, the Republican Party and the Republican Party of the Republic of China, Mr. Trump, the Democratic Party of the United States of America, the Democratic Party of the United States, the Democratic Party of the United states. Alphabetical order, Clinton first, Trump fourth. The second part is the election of a congressman, only a candidate for the Democratic party. The third part also seems to be a member of Parliament (councillor), asked my prospective daughter-in-law, she also explained unclear. It’s only a democratic candidate. The fourth part is the election of senators, and only one democratic candidate. The fifth part is the election of a state law or judge high representative. Once again, I’ve seen only one democratic candidate. Sixth elected Sheriff (Sheriff), and still only a democratic candidate. In addition, there are four votes on the ballot (Initiative Petition) referendum motion. The first one is about whether to issue second casino licenses. The second is about whether to open up a semi public and private schools. The third one is about pets. The fourth is whether to allow marijuana legalization. Votes details of the votes to finish the details of the general content, we have a detailed analysis. The United States is one of the main examples of western style democracy. But ya相关的主题文章: