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What are the challenges to the students, teachers and schools? Sohu education editor’s note: in September 20th, the Ministry of Education held a news conference to disclose the details of the reform of the examination enrollment system. The provisions of the new senior high school entrance examination policy, in the premise of junior high school proficiency exam qualified all subjects, can give students choose certain admission subjects scoring opportunities, that is to say, the original examination subjects of Chinese mathematics, English, physics, chemistry compulsory "fixed package", has become a "meal + the number of language subjects" "". However, how to quickly adapt to the reform of the exam is placed in front of the students, parents, teachers, the problem of the reform program in the examination of the students, parents, teachers and schools have brought more challenges. In the relevant meetings held in the senior high school entrance examination reform of Beijing Normal University in September 26th, Beijing Normal University, Vice Minister of education Yu Shengquan said that the implementation of the new senior high school entrance examination program is designed to make vulnerable subjects effect on children total score further reduced, and the advantages of disciplines to improve achievement is enlarged, so that different types of outstanding student talent shows itself. To this end, students want to improve the awareness and ability to choose, teachers should see the strengths of the students, in a sense, the teacher should be promoted to their own students’ discipline "mentor". What are the changes to the students, teachers and schools, and how to deal with it? In the day’s activities more than educational detail, he mentioned the most is the word "personalized", which is expected to continue the education reform, more and more to protect the child’s nature, the home school to help children find their own interest, develop personality. @? Student: raise awareness and ability to choose the development of the new senior high school entrance examination personality and strength of their time, high school education will be more respect and meet the needs of the development of individual students, accompanied by a selection and the problems and challenges: how to improve the students’ choice of consciousness and ability; how to discover and develop their own personality the subject, learning and hobbies combined; how to develop their academic ability and core competence? And the choice of awareness and ability training is not done overnight, these are placed in front of the students, parents, teachers problems. Generally speaking, students have more opportunities to choose, but the consciousness and ability of choice should be promoted. In addition to pay attention to their own interests, strengths, find their own interests, in order to adapt to the development of education, self discipline ability and core competence, including the thinking ability and practical ability and artistic accomplishment, innovation quality, not only to acquire knowledge, but also pay attention to the process of obtaining knowledge, change the method of acquiring knowledge this is the students face the pressure. Teacher: find the characteristics of each student, to guide students to explore, active learning in addition to students, teachers also need to change the role". The implementation of background in new senior high school entrance examination plan, teachers should see students’ strengths, different types, different direction of top-notch students talent shows itself. As a teacher should be good at discovering the characteristics of each student in the class, to guide the development of a comprehensive and personality of each student. Just before the main subject teacher and senior high school entrance examination pressure, after the reform of all disciplines teachers to shine on!相关的主题文章: