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UnCategorized An amber glass sunburst wall decor is a breakable decor, which is a .bination of glass and wrought iron. It takes the shade of yellow-orange that makes it look like a replica of the sun. Anywhere you go, it is not unusual to hear the word amber glass decor. Have you ever wonder what does it look like and the impression it brings when displayed at your home? To be able to appreciate the beauty of an amber glass sunburst wall decor, you need to know everything about it, which are as follows: Description Different sources give contrasting description about what amber really is. From one source, it says that amber is a color .bination between yellow and orange. However, some say it is a color with yellow and brown shading while, according to Wikipedia, this is a hue that has a .position of 75 percent yellow and 25 percent red. Although they have dissimilar perceptions, what they what to convey is that amber is between the shades of yellow, red, orange and brown. At the center is you can find the glass with the shade of amber. The sunburst name is derived from the design that depicts the sun along with its rays. It symbolizes connection as well happiness that is spreadable. Sunburst has numerous types and variations, which include amber glass. This wall decor assumes a distinct color like any other sunburst designs; however, the inclusion of glass in the design is the main highlight of this decor. Price Depending on the style and the size of the decor, the price ranges from $79.99 up to $800 each. The more .plicated the design is and the more classy the materials are; the costly the art work will be.e. Shops Various stores have available adaptations that are equally striking and unique. Here is a list of decor shops with available amber sunburst decors such as: Wall Wine Decor A 34.25 x 1.5 inches bronze finish amber glass sunface wall decor with tangle of rays is available for only $119.95. It is made of wrought iron with glass beads accents ideal for interior and patio as well. Another variation is the sunface garden wall planters with ring holder. It is made of iron and glass with a measurement of 18 inches. Bond and Bowery A unique variant of sunburst wall decor is the mid century brass metal sculpture, which has an amber lighting. Its dual purpose makes it versatile since it can be used as a light sconce or can be mounted as a ceiling illumination. Its vintage touch is what makes it very pricey. Mercantila Avail of this beautiful glass plant holder at a discounted price only here at Mercantila. It .es in a set of 2; amber and green glass, which is a good way to create a garden replica inside your house. Just mount them on the wall and have an instant wrought iron decorative design. Plant stand superstore A .bination of wrought iron and glass design, here is a hanging plant holder that .es with a sun face medallion. With a gold finish, its vintage appearance makes it a perfect addition to your retro interiors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: