Watch pioneer Halloween supplies discovered sombra– game

Watch "pioneer" Halloween supplies discovered Sombra– game original title: "watch the pioneer" Halloween supplies discovered Sombra "watch the pioneer" new hero Sombra is always a cliffhanger, let the game player who has been impatient. However, the upcoming Halloween, the hero will appear in the Halloween? Reddit users accidentally discovered Xbox "watch" pioneer update Halloween supplies, including hidden mystery! Description of the supply box page: celebrate Halloween with your hero! New Halloween Halloween is about to open! Halloween gift Limited unlock, each gift box has 4 decorative items, including at least one Halloween skin, close-up animation, facial expressions, gestures, voice, picture winning game player or other items can be used to unlock. If you have an existing collection in your Halloween box, you will get the gold instead. Halloween supplies will be available for purchase or purchase within 4 days of November 1, 2016. There are sharp eyed Netizens found that the sale of the new picture next to death Hero Icon candy paper, is on the skull. So, if there is a new hero’s skin, then it means that the new hero is coming soon, right? Do not know the other heroes of Halloween will be what kind of skin, after "watch Animation pioneer" "return" had crossed a lens, then Tobey and angel photo, said Winston really miss the old days. The photo Angel sister a pair of pumpkin theme dress, whether it is already foreshadowing Blizzard? All suspense had to wait until after the opening of the Halloween activities to be announced. (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: