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Wanted to hide in the cemetery also caught the police big sigh "really serving you" – Beijing, Beijing, September 13, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the 51 year old New Taipei our man days ago for drunk driving arrested, could not pay the fine was wanted by the police, he hid the ruins to five shares Liao Road near in the cemetery, the man thought to hide unnoticed, did not expect the police to come to visit the way, big sigh "this place also find that it suits you!" Police said the man, our April drunk driving arrest, then according to the public danger crime was sentenced to 4 months, was commuted to a fine of 120 thousand yuan (NT, the same below), but our men’s day before and sister because of land inheritance lawsuit, is also accused of falsely charged and estranged family, in the premises, my brother hid in the mountains near the cemetery ruins, usually with odd jobs, because could not pay the fine was wanted. New Taipei City Police Brigade brought back our man to justice, the day before the man to the household registration place to find people, found along the remote, mostly cemetery or bamboo, spent a lot of effort to find the address, but found that has been deserted, the police asked the local farmers, a visit, the Guide to drive up the hill, found a suspected unmanned building, the house was lived signs. Then the next day to hear the police, there are sound came out, came to the door, our man opened the door and saw the police shocked, once at a loss just stood there, and after a while came back only to sigh "how did you find this place! I really served you." The police brought him back to jail.相关的主题文章: