Vivo xplay6 exposure Xiaolong 820+5.5 inch double screen e2140

Vivo Xplay6 exposure Xiaolong 820+5.5 inch screen vivo Xplay6 will be equipped with double 5.5 inch double screen, support pressure sensitive touch and dynamic photo shoot, with 6GB of memory, but the processor Xiaolong 820, allegedly Christmas sale. Tencent digital news (blue) with vivo Xplay 6, the exposure of the spy photos, the new machine with double screen design naturally aroused the concern of many people. Although vivo has not yet officially confirmed the existence, but according to the users in the Post Bar claimed that vivo Xplay 6 will be equipped with 5.5 inches 2K resolution hyperbolic screen, and will increase the pressure sensitive touch technology, with 6GB of memory and is equipped with dual cameras, but the distribution of the processor Xiaolong 820, is now at the start of training. But that will be in this year’s Christmas sale. 5.5 inch screen double had been suspected vivo Xplay 6 real machine spy was exposed, but the disclosure of information is not much. And now you have friends in Post Bar claimed that vivo Xplay 6 is equipped with vivo X9 about the size of 5.5 inch touch screen, and support for 2K resolution and using Samsung SuperAMOLED panel, even close to the Samsung GALAXY S7 edge surface, and the curved screen will have the function of accessories, and even increased the pressure sensitive touch technology. Not only that, the users also confirmed the network exposure of the spy was vivo Xplay 6, but the real machine seems to be more beautiful, will provide rose gold, champagne gold color styles. At the same time, the users also said two cameras with the vivo Xplay 6 will be a combination of large aperture lens with small aperture lens auxiliary, although it is not clear the specific sensor types, and also do not have optical anti shake function, but similar to the iPhone 6S support dynamic photo shooting. Xiaolong 820 processor is somewhat disappointing, according to the online version, vivo Xplay 5 is actually a test for water, and as a follow-up version of the launch of the vivo Xplay 6 will be on the whole more mature, so not in the Hi-Fi chip has a major breakthrough, should be the same with the previous generation is the same double ES9028 scheme. At the same time in the processor configuration, the machine is not hearsay Xiaolong 821, but the previous Xiaolong 820 processor. However, vivo Xplay6 will be upgraded to the memory of the 6GB, and provides 128GB storage capacity, equipped with Funtouch OS 3 system. It is worth noting that there are users in the micro-blog disclosed that the dual camera on the back of the machine is 20 million pixels +1600 megapixel portfolio, and analog F 0.95 large aperture effect like that of the HUAWEI P9, is a 5.5 inch screen and double use similar Meizu Pro 6 Arc day line design. Pass the above Christmas sale has yet to be confirmed the authenticity of the message, but there are users of micro-blog tail appeared "double curved screen photo vivo Xplay 6′.相关的主题文章: