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Relationships Whether they admit it or not, men appreciate a gift of love on Valentine’s Day. The key is to give a gift that you are proud to give and they would love to receive. It can be tough shopping for a man, especially Valentine’s Day. As if we didn’t have to do enough to convince him that it IS a holiday, we have to shop for a non-girly gift that he would love. Luckily most women love to shop! Whether you love to shop or not, here are 5 no-brainer Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for him which will surely please. 1. Sports Jersey These are always popular among men’s fashion. For those who can afford, opt for an authentic Jersey from his fave player or team. 2. Sporting Event, Wrestling or Concert Event Tickets This can be something he would love, but that you both can enjoy. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for the 2nd ticket, however. He may opt to take his best budYikes!! Buy this gift with caution. 3. A framed photo – a nice, professional photographed portrait may be just the ticket. Don’t forget to have it nicely framed for a finished look. But be sure to keep it a surprise. You can either make it a sexy photo of yourself or a family portrait for his desk. Either way, be sure to wear your best or sexiest. 4. Gift Basket you are probably thinking Gift Basket?! Well I’m here to tell you – yep Gift Basket. The beauty of a gift basket is that you can fill it with anything. Whether it’s every other gift on this list or manly foods like sausage and cheeses, a gift basket can be just what you need. The key is make it more masculine by using leather or sports themed baskets for a masculine touch. Other fillers can include: small sports towels, key chains, popcorn, candy or beer. 5. DVD Collection- whether an action junkie or sports nut, you can help build or enhance his DVD collection with a set of great DVDs. You can even create your own collection, by grouping movies by actor or movie theme. .plete the gift, by watching the movies with him and enjoying it (even if you have to pretend). About the Author: 相关的主题文章: