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.puters-and-Technology A Bluetooth remote control can turn a Bluetooth enabled cell phone into a universal remote controller for windows. The Bluetooth remote control enables the user to view his power point slides on his cell phone directly and can play or browse the songs in the Itunes, Media player, WinAm and many more. In other words, a Bluetooth remote control can be called as a true universal remote control which enables the user to modify or add the controlled programs. It also helps to customize simpler key maps or even to gain control over the user interface and write own VB and Java scripts. Bluetooth remote control can be used for both pleasure and business. A business person can view his power point slides in his cell phone and also can give presentations. Persons using it for pleasure can change the songs that are played on Media player or Itunes, he can also browse for albums and artists and change the volume and so on. The user can also add support to the newer applications. With the use of the key maps the user can define application actions in a very easy manner and can also link them to any of the buttons on the cell phone. The Bluetooth remote control supports all personal .puter Bluetooth solutions. There is no need for setting up a Bluetooth separately as it can be connected from the users cell phone. On the whole, the user can view his actual desktop on his cell phone with the help of the Bluetooth remote control. Since Bluetooth works very efficiently and effectively within the ten meter radius, it can be used for controlling the gadgets of the entire house from anywhere. This makes it possible to switch on or off the television even while lying on the bed in the bedroom without the need to go to the living room and pointing the remote control to the television to turn it on or off. When the Bluetooth technology is .bined with the cell phones, it even more powerful, yet very simple and it a real time remote control for the Mac or windows applications. The Bluetooth remote control allows the user to visually and easily map mouse and keyboard function to the cell phones keypad. Any application can be controlled virtually without the need to install any software additionally. The user can even export and import customized control mapping images in order to suit the cell phone model using the favorite graphics package. A HID profile is generated by the application that could be beamed to the Bluetooth remote control using USB/serial, Bluetooth or infrared without even the need for any kind of configuration changes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: