Two addicts want to sell ice candy with crystal candy, not found buyers were arrested – Sohu news-haywire

Two drug addicts to use sugar as methamphetamine was arrested – did not find buyers sell Sohu news wanted to use sugar as trafficking methamphetamine, he concealed his partner alone to the supermarket to buy candy, and buy ice together to Xuancheng City, but did not find a buyer, the results of both arrested. Recently, the Jingxian County court for the illegal drug possession case verdict, the defendant Wei Mou, Wang Mou two people for the crime of illegal possession of drugs, was sentenced in seven years and six months, and fined twenty thousand yuan and seven years and three months imprisonment, and fined seventeen thousand yuan; seized 62.84 grams of methamphetamine confiscated. Last November 25th morning, Wei, Wang drove the purchase of methamphetamine and crystal sugar transported to Xuancheng District, Xuanzhou. Wei would like candy posing as methamphetamine trafficking but did not find, buy, a defender in Xuanzhou District, a hotel to find friends Lee, then Lee to borrow money and bring together the use of methamphetamine, two people and then the public security organs in the hotel will be methamphetamine arrested, and seized 7.04 grams of methamphetamine from the guard somewhere. At noon that day, the public security organs arrested Wang in the people’s Hospital of Xuancheng, and seized 55.8 grams of ice and 319 grams of crystal sugar from Wang’s driving car.

两瘾君子欲用冰糖冒充冰毒卖 未找到买家却落网-搜狐新闻  本想用冰糖冒充冰毒贩卖,便瞒着同伙独自到超市购买了冰糖,与购买的冰毒一起带到宣城市,却未找到买家,结果双双落入法网。近日,泾县法院对该起非法持有毒品案作出一审判决,被告人卫某、汪某两人因犯非法持有毒品罪,分别被判处有期徒刑七年六个月,并处罚金二万元和有期徒刑七年三个月,并处罚金一万七千元;扣押的冰毒62.84克予以没收。   去年11月25日上午,卫某、汪某开车将购买的冰毒和冰糖运输至宣城市宣州区。卫某想将冰糖冒充冰毒贩卖,但未找到购买人,后卫某在宣州区一饭店找到朋友李某,遂向李某借钱并一同吸食其带来的冰毒,随后公安机关在该饭店内将正在吸食冰毒的两人抓获,并从卫某处查获冰毒7.04克。当日中午,公安机关在宣城市人民医院将汪某抓获,并从汪某驾驶的轿车内查获冰毒55.8克和冰糖319克。相关的主题文章: