Tracey Walker Review – Who Is This

Internet-and-Business-Online Have you heard of or been told about Tracey Walker and you are curious to learn more about who she really is? Then this is definitely the review that you need to read to help you find out more about this internet star. Tracey is being called a social media queen that is teaching other online network marketers how they can successfully build an MLM business of their own by utilizing the online world. She grew up in the inner-city of Chicago, Illinois. She graduated from Florida A&M University in the year 1999 and with marketing MBA. She went immediately into the work force and moved to Atlanta, GA where she began making a net profit of $60,000 a year. After the tragedy of 9/11 and the way some things were changing, she found herself laid off from her job in February of 2002. Tracey and her Dad begin a real estate business, which her husband later joined her in also. Her and her husband then moved back to Chicago, Illinois and were achieving success with their business until the housing slump started. This is when Tracey first got her introduction to the MLM industry. She jumped directly into the industry and building her own network marketing business full time. She started doing 3 way calls, hosting trainings for her team and presentations, but this was taking a lot of time and effort from her. She found that she needed an easier business building solution that was easily duplicable by others in the same industry. That is when she turned to the internet and started learning all the new skills she could. Tracey also did the smart thing and found Daegan Smith to be her mentor. She took all the knowledge he could teach her and implemented it for her own business and from there the rest is history. In 3 months time, with the knowledge she gained from Daegan Smith, she was asked to be a part of a book deal. Tracey found herself being shown as a co-author of "The Power Of Leadership" series. She then started to use all the knowledge she gained, she was able to personally sponsor over 70 distributors in her second MLM business. Then she found the #1 attraction marketing system, MLM Lead System Pro and quickly became one of the top producers for this opportunity. Tracey Walker today is now teaching and coaching network marketers from various network marketing .panies how to ac.plish the success she has achieved. You just have to be ready to use her knowledge and implement what you learn so you can easily ac.plish the success with your own business that Tracey has been able to over the years. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: