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UnCategorized Each and every month, I like to cover a few different parts of town for my clients, and let them know what is going on, what has happened, and what is likely to happen, all based upon market statistics. Today, I am covering homes for sale in the St Matthews community of Louisville, Ky, which is a desired location on the eastern side of Louisville and Jefferson County. Median Asking Prices – the median asking price of all homes currently for sale in 40207 is right around $281,000. This is true for both weekly data points as well as the rolling average, both of which I track carefully. If we look only at weekly data points, our current value is higher today than it was one year ago. However, if we look at the trend line, current values for homes for sale in St Matthews are lower today than last March. Median Asking Prices For Luxury Homes – looking only at the most expensive 25% of homes on the market right now, the median asking price for luxury homes in St Matthews is at or approaching $800,000. Inventory Levels – the inventory levels for homes for sale in St Matthews have been falling pretty rapidly over the past few months, but have likely bottomed out and will start to increase over the next few weeks and months. At the high point last year, there were almost 250 homes for sale in 40207, but as of early March, that number had fallen to 180. But keep an eye out, as spring approaches, many more home owners are likely to add to that number. Days On Market – homes for sale in St Matthews are taking longer to sell than at almost any point over the past year. During the summer of 2010, homes were taking on average about 130-140 days to leave the market, but our last measurement is much closer to 180 days, a pretty big increase in just 9 months! Number Of Homes Relisting – the percentage of homes that are relisting and putting their homes back on the market after taking some time off has really spiked recently, going from about 12% up to 20% in just a few months time. It seems as if there may be some built up demand from some frustrated home sellers who are ready and willing to try again, hoping for better results this year than they obviously achieved last year. About the Author: To learn more about Louisville St Matthews homes for sale and data analysis of Louisville homes, visit ..GregFly.. where Greg Fleischaker breaks down weekly sales data for the city as well as many surrounding neighborhoods, such as Anchorage, Prospect, St. Matthews, the Highlands and Crescent Hill, to help buyers and sellers prepare themselves for an real estate transaction. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: