Tonight at the Luneng Guoan ball about life and death than death nibbuns

Tonight at the Luneng Guoan ball about life and death more than life and death had led England to Liverpool to create outstanding feats of Shankly, leaving a lot of aphorisms, one of the most widely spread should be "non football life, but higher than the life and death", its original intention refers to the spirit of football which has gone beyond the secular category. Since the "unrelated death", "football is higher than the life and death", so the night of September 25th 7:35 Taishan Luneng Super League against Beijing Guoan, itself "life and death", its importance is not to mention. Taishan Luneng and Beijing Guoan, the two clubs in the past business dealings, strive for the common interests of more exchanges, a good personal relationship. But in recent years, along with the Luneng Club management personnel changes occur repeatedly, the relationship is not as tight as the original. In fact, Lu Beijing two state-owned giants, is the most to face, when many, the team meet is to beat Mars radiance, now rusty, that don’t even say, in every match, both in Beijing and in Ji’nan, are the focus Chinese football tournament, this time is not exception. In the championship now, Luneng ranked fourth, very interesting and must cause enough vigilance is all at this time, it seems not many people think Luneng is facing a very real threat this "downgrade, certainly not so back" optimism come from? Is really strange. A little look at the past ending each season of Super League war, we will find that, as long as the suspense is not to be "killed", will have a variety of results, be struck dumb had no evidence, did not dare to speak, literally conclusions, so this will be attributed to the "players" are maintained the "childlike innocence", all want to put as much as possible to maintain the suspense to the last moment from the schedule, the last few Luneng super game is very dangerous. Relatively speaking, only the last second rounds against Chongqing Lifan home court, is to take the opportunity of 3 points, but since the home court could not win Luneng in South Korea coach of Changchun Yatai, what is sure to win another South Korean coach of Chongqing Lifan? Therefore, for Luneng, now can not have any luck, but should take every game as a decisive battle to fight. In addition to the reality of pressure to avoid relegation, Luneng must also be in the last round of the league, with determination and confidence in their own, it is not only for the final ranking this year, more is to find their own spirit, for the end of the winter, to lay the foundation for the next rally. Magath said, he led the team to win Luneng to this year, this desire had failed, there may be next year? This work can not be left until the winter break, the temperament of the things, the sooner you find, the more conducive to the coach, the club to co-ordinate arrangements for the next step. Finally, to be the most practical, Majiate stay, has no problems, so now the Luneng group of players, also want to stay? If the answer is yes, how to impress Majiate in their minds, occupy a space for one person? Don’t say anything. Come on! (Qilu Evening News · Qilu correspondent Lee)相关的主题文章: