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This 2017 graduate registration began postgraduate examination into the examination data. Zhao Yuguo photo visual Chinese for map data figure: December 26, 2015, 2016 Chinese postgraduate entrance examination in the examination. As the candidates entered the Fushan District of Shandong city of Yantai province Chongwen high school test center. Sun Wentan photo China vision for map data: in July 19th, more than 3000 students gathered in Ji’nan, Shandong hall to participate in postgraduate entrance exams for postgraduate entrance examination. China News Agency reporter Zhang Yong photo Beijing, October 10 (Xinhua) (Lv Chunrong) today, the national master’s entrance examination enrollment in 2017 officially launched. This time graduate recruitment, including further standardize the enrollment examination alone, postgraduate examination into the examination and so on, many changes in recruitment policy is worth the candidates concerned. Graduate in 2017 began managing the registration according to the Ministry of education in September issued the "2017 National Graduate Enrollment Management Regulations", the 2017 national graduate entrance examination online registration for the period from October 10, 2016 to October 31st, every day 9:00-22:00. No longer bubao overdue, and shall not modify the registration information. In addition, the "provision" clearly the 2017 national graduate entrance examination time: December 24, 2016 to December 25th (8:30-11:30 every morning, afternoon 14:00-17:00), more than 3 hours of test subjects in December 26th. Every year the number of applicants for postgraduate entrance examination attracted much attention. Washington reporter noted that over the past ten years, the number of participants in the annual entrance examination in more than 1 million 200 thousand in 2016 to reach a total of more than 1 million 770 thousand. The registration number will increase? Public education in Postgraduate Research Institute president Li Lei told reporters that the current China employment qualifications generally increased, bachelor degree of difficulty is low, want to stand out in the crowd, to further enhance the education become the choice of more people, so the number of applicants this year is expected to continue to break the. Admissions policy changes: part of the test subjects have to adjust the exam time is approaching, the topic of concern. In recent years, the graduate entrance examination reform deepening, the postgraduate examination and enrollment policy has three notable changes, are as follows: – 2017, clinical medical professional degree and academic degree of medical postgraduate business class debut test subjects were arranged, professional degree of clinical medicine "clinical comprehensive ability" (including traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine two) exam subjects, medical academic degree in business class by the admissions unit according to a discipline independent proposition. At the same time, adjust the admission stage, apply for the clinical medical professional degree graduate candidates according to the relevant policies to adjust to the professional, apply for other professional (including medical academic degree) of the candidates can not adjust to the clinical medical professional degree. To further improve the college students enrolled in the army preferential policies to encourage more high-quality college students to join the army, in 2017 to continue to arrange 5000 retired college soldiers, the soldiers of the army, the army and the army, and the number of college students to join the army to join the army, in order to continue to arrange for the college students to retire相关的主题文章: