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The woman drunk driving traffic police: please use the beauty camera shoot me beautiful – Sohu news in September 21st at 23:55 PM, Changji City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police in North Beijiao Chang five ring road intersection card check in on a night night, car license plate for the new A8HXXX black SUV check and asked the driver to produce a driver’s license, the driver Xu said he did not take the driver’s license. Police told Xu driving a motor vehicle must carry a driver’s license, such as not carrying is a violation of the road traffic safety law must accept the punishment, Xu became emotional, and the police argued that he was just forgot to take the driver’s license and no red light why punish her, also shouted police why she and a small woman to go. He side of the scene of the police on duty for the traffic police to sell adorable shuabao, let her go. Police found Xu some abnormal behavior, brought the alcohol detector, asked Xu for alcohol testing, Xu readily agreed, but when the test is blowing tricks: not blowing time is too short, is not contain alcohol tester, blowing out the gas leak out, and even directly blow on the face of police.相关的主题文章: