The wild card team made history anx! She beat Rox promotion S6 eight-9c8814

The wild card team made history ANX! She beat ROX promotion S6 eight Beijing time on October 7th, the global finals group phase second round A Group Fourth games, ANX upset victory over, before the game was officially ranked first in the world of the first group of teeth. Lose teeth now face and CLG for the last quarter finals tickets for the qualification of war. Early in the game, ANX and online play on 55 teeth, while ANX was looking for opportunities to use the advantage to find a little squad ahead of tiger body, but the lead is not enough to change life guards. But by the mid game ANX in the area to find opportunities to kill the tiger policewoman and blind monk, took the first homeopathic dragon in the game. Have long BUFF they pushed through the tower to expand economic advantage. Because the ANX advantage is too big, a little tiger explosion mentality, Shindelar in the middle again. Seconds away, eventually own crystal road. Already almost win them, but a dragon by Shindelar open to steal, get the dragon has dragged down the chance of teeth. Late in the season, despite a strong sense to win Huya poor vision, but they are still helpless being stolen by the ancient dragon. Get the ancient dragon’s ANX directly with BUFF broken two crystal. Too confident they tried to open direct dragon, but tenacious tiger seconds off their vampires after continuous three people kill each other off the dragon. The lineup later finally have a little tiger win hope. The decisive stage, tiger policewoman sold the shoes out of the green fork and ANX for the final battle, but ANX using circuitous tactics stole the tiger two crystal. Originally, ANX has won the game, but when they open the tiger adventure dragon, blind monk snatched away, and lost the ancient dragon and the dragon. But because the early weakness is too large teeth, three were broken and ANX them, only a last ditch. After the two sides dragged a dragon BUFF in a scuffle, ANX got their second dragon, a dragon with BUFF and three super soldiers they were attacking the Huya base wave eventually won the game. After a ANX victory over the teeth become the first team to qualify the team, is also the first to qualify for the quarterfinals of wild card team history, and they have to face the Huya and CLG compete for the final qualification, if CLG then they will stop group phase in the game after losing teeth.相关的主题文章: