The true Deyunshe founder Guo Degang Yu Qian secret history Beijing – strike violently-queer as folk

The "true" Deyunshe founder historical secret Guo Degang " " " Yu Qian " Beijing – strike violently in August 28, this week, the Oriental TV "The Legendary Swordsman" staged "Deyunshe" special, secret "Deyunshe" Founding history. The show, along with a "mutual loss" for the music "Guo Degang", "Yu Qian" was not a word "strike violently", "Yu Qian" with "the ultimate weapon", "Guo Degang" instant "blow"! The master is dangerous, which can not come to the disciples "Jiujia" tonight, Guo Degang. Zhang Yunlei will also come to "Deyunshe" Gagava, don’t look at a young age, but he’s a veteran "Deyunshe"! "Guo Degang" and "Yu Qian" beatings Guo Degang was "blown up" although "Deyunshe" is now down, but it was known as "Deyunshe" was founded, but few people know the history. Tonight, "The Legendary Swordsman", a group of 80, 90 groups, will bring about a bright stereo effects, "Guo Degang", "Yu Qian" love to kill the past. I saw on the stage there was a 10 times the size of the TV screen, the audience for the first time to feel the 360 degree no dead angle, 3D stereo brings the physical and mental shock. Along with the story of ups and downs, the screen effects of frequent flying, let the drama of the 50 Fen effects show the white feather. When the "Guo Degang" and "Yu Qian" in the early start of the two people met, flying from the "love" of the pink heart. But not a word, "Guo Degang", "Yu Qian" resorted to their "Wushu strike violently," the thought of "serial strokes" down "Yu Qian" to surrender, did not think this time a "cannon", "Yu Qian" to "Guo Degang" up! Guo Degang disciple Zhang Yunlei on "Deyunshe" veteran’s second "The Legendary Swordsman" has sent many "Deyunshe" disciples, and tonight the debut of Zhang Yunlei, with the general non identity. Although 92 years Zhang Yunlei was 24 years old this year, but the 7 year old Guo Degang worship as a teacher of Zhang Yunlei, Guo Degang’s two disciples, but also "Deyunshe" veteran. Now the 30 year old said active comedian, most of them are Zhang Yunlei art for ten years after the start of the show. Not only the young age, Zhang Yunlei and Yan value high, make it a fashionable suit, handsome appearance with big eyes and bushy eyes completely different style, and wearing a robe with the door looks shixiongdimen. Although the appearance of the trend, but the traditional comic skills, Zhang Yunlei silk was not only shuoxuedouchang well versed in the scene, Guo Degang is holding the disciples, with Zhang Yunlei singing partner with a "peace" song lyrics, melody, thought-provoking rhyme. Tonight, in anticipation of Zhang Yunlei’s wonderful program at the same time, users also can bless Zhang Yunlei a speedy recovery, smooth cut, bring more popular funny comic. Oriental TV "The Legendary Swordsman 3" to continue to broadcast every Sunday night in 20:55.相关的主题文章: