The trailer car broke down in a flagrant way will call themselves the luxury car towed

Trailer call their car broke down in a flagrant way will others luxury car towed trailer original title: call themselves a bad car will be towed in a flagrant way BMW original title: day mansion BMW car was towed rather baffling! MS phase provided by the video display, September 20th three pm, a trailer and a light car from Wanda mansion east gate into the area, then in the underground parking lot, which Ms. silver BMW car was the car light cars and five or six people together out of the monitoring range. Who is so bold? Is said that their company Wanda mansion in the area inside the car, usually parked in the underground parking lot, the morning of September 20th, Ms phase as usual, parked the car, can be five pm to go by car, actually rather baffling to be towed. During the day, it’s too arrogant! Driving license, the owner is indeed ms.. As for the vehicle there is no dispute, ms.. But Ms. phase think, no matter what the reason, should not be in their own knowledge of the situation to drag the car away. Moreover, this is a formal underground parking lot, how can this happen? Reporters found residential property. Property official said, when the trailer to say that his car broke down, to the trailer to repair, they can not verify the information of the vehicle, so the vehicle can only be released. Property owners explained that the district is a hotel style apartments, more and more personnel, underground garage and no vehicle registration. For this argument, Ms. phase can not accept.  , the reporter then contacted the Lingshan border police station, the staff said that the case is currently under investigation. Editor: Zhang Xiaoya相关的主题文章: