The third mother spend 20 thousand to buy business class for the children to repay a kindness kaya scodelario

The third mother spend 20 thousand to buy business class for the children to repay a kindness do not fill, fill EQ, recently, a junior student’s mother act in a diametrically opposite way, spent nearly 20 thousand to buy a set of EQ lessons for children, attracted parents circle a sigh. Weekly class fee of 300 yuan, is not cheap. What is the reason that prompted the mother to let her daughter to squeeze time to class? Registration origin: found that children with disabilities Li Xiao (a pseudonym), the mother of Ms. Huang recently spent nearly twenty thousand yuan, in Xujiahui, a EQ education institutions to buy courses. Every Saturday at 10 am, Li Xiao will go to the organization on a EQ lesson, class for more than an hour, the teacher will be back to the parents of the children in the classroom feedback. I heard this approach Ms. Huang, many parents have raised such a question: "I spent twenty thousand yuan to buy Olympic math course to children, third, why don’t you get cultural courses, instead to buy EQ class?" MS Wong told reporters that the reason why Li Xiao to learn EQ class, because she felt that her daughter does not have a sound personality, a healthy state of mind, and these schools are not systematic teaching. Li Xiaoyou once went to the Bund with her classmates. After an hour, she went home alone. Originally, after sitting on the subway, a group of students chatting Huan, Li Xiao felt very lonely, but do not know how to join the chat group, but halfway back. MS Wong said that her daughter usually encountered any problems, a little hesitation, will not actively respond…… But his enlighten and unable to convince her daughter, Ms. Huang and wanted to let Li Xiao go on systematic psychology class, but the online check system, the psychological courses rarely, the Xuhui District EQ course also relatively close, and reported to the class. "I think the Mathematical Olympiad will not affect people’s life, but a healthy mind can benefit a person for life. So, this is more than the science olympiad." MS Wong believes that the child is making up a class that is very necessary, I think the child needs the psychological course of the system, but there is no school, ideological and moral courses can not replace the child’s psychological construction." What: to control their emotions to know themselves to the present, Li Xiao only on the three emotional intelligence classes, respectively, "emotional control", "self-awareness" and "future planning". Emotional control in the class, the teacher instructed Li Xiao at home to establish a "cool angle", there are emotions can go to cool angle, and through the appropriate way to vent pressure. "Self perception" class is through the child’s understanding, to understand what the parents give the child’s evaluation is, and to remind parents to pay attention to adjust. "Future planning" course is to let the children speak their dreams, and inspire children to work hard. Li Xiao felt that these three classes have been very happy, "the teacher told me, if you have a temper, how to deal with. The teacher also let me draw 20 years after the planning, I draw good, the teacher said I draw very well, I feel very happy. I love to talk, the other students in the class do not love to talk, and I together, he can say a little more." In addition to the course, there are peer exchanges, Li Xiao also like. At school。相关的主题文章: