The thief stole over the list to Ningbo 29 universities just stole second is planted-spyair

The thief stole over the list to Ningbo 29 universities just stole second planted in October 24th 4 pm, Ningbo Yinzhou Gaoqiao Town, a university teacher to Takahashi police station said, put it in the office of the apple 6S mobile phone, a few hundred dollars in cash, including all documents in the wallet is stolen. In the teacher’s office according to the teachers with the backpack stolen in the afternoon message, she wanted to come back to the office after class, bag ready to work, but just ask her to help my colleagues to buy a train ticket, in her office to ask the ID number of the time, came back and found the zipper bag is opened, which things are not. Subsequently, the police mastered the approximate time of committing a crime, immediately locked the afternoon of the school suspect Liang Mou and launched tracking. 26 early morning, the police successfully arrested the suspect Liang in the hotel. After the interrogation, Liang Yijun account, in October 22nd he ride from Fujian to Ningbo to play, because usually lazy soon have no money, then the thought of going to school for stealing. The afternoon of October 24th his departure from the hotel to the school, after the success in the elevator on the 8 floor, the layers go down, finally found a room on the 3 floor open office door, just to have a bag on the desk, then immediately will steal money inside. The thief before the preparations at the same time, the case with the rest of the stolen series after comparing, Liang could not escape the police finally in the piercing eye, 24 in the morning to the Jiangbei District, a college of acts of theft also account. The original day he stole more than Takahashi school, one day has even stole two schools, while no one noticed means are in office building, and then specifically looking for no one can open the door to the office of the theft. The police found in the search process, Liang also quite hard, write 29 Ningbo, Hangzhou university list notes, of which 24 stolen two universities in Ningbo impressively, these colleges and universities in Ningbo occupies 15, has been 2, the rest is to plan, the criminal suspect since 2015 to start a college in Guangzhou, but was arrested, now he still did not repent. The interrogation of Liang said yourself to do the homework before checking the map, these universities are located in the subway near the school, traffic is convenient for him to escape, and he Zhuantou university because now university campus is open, loose management for their own mix, and office security is often arbitrarily low place the property did not shut the doors and windows, a successful two times he thought unnoticed but did not expect this so soon stumbled. At present, the suspect Liang has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation.

小偷列清单欲偷遍杭甬29所高校 刚偷第2家就栽了10月24日下午4点左右,宁波鄞州高桥镇某高校老师向高桥派出所报警称,其放在办公室内的苹果6S手机,几百元现金,包括皮夹内一些证件全部被盗。高校老师办公室背包失窃根据该老师提供的讯息,当天下午她下课回到办公室,原想拿出挎包准备下班,但刚好同事请她帮忙买张火车票,就在她到同事办公室问身份证号码的工夫,回来发现包的拉链被拉开了,里面东西都没了。随后民警掌握大致的作案时间后立即锁定了当天下午混入学校的犯罪嫌疑人梁某并展开追踪。26日凌晨,民警成功将犯罪嫌疑人梁某于酒店内抓获。经审讯,梁某交代,他于10月22日从福建坐车来宁波玩,因平时好吃懒做很快就没钱了,然后就想到了去学校偷东西。10月24日下午他从酒店出发到了该学校,成功混进后乘坐电梯上了8楼,一层层往下走,终于在3楼发现一间开着门的办公室,桌上正好有个包,于是立马将里面的钱物偷走。小偷作案前做足了准备与此同时,将此案与其他高校被盗案串联比对后,梁某没能逃过民警的火眼金睛,最后将其在24日早上前往江北区另一所高校进行盗窃的行为也一并交代。原来这天他不止偷了高桥的学校,一天之内已经连偷了两所学校,手法都是趁没人注意混进办公楼,然后专门找没人却开着门的办公室进行盗窃。民警在搜查过程中发现,梁某还挺勤奋,写有29所宁波、杭州高校名单的笔记,其中24日被盗的宁波两所高校赫然在列,这些高校中宁波占有15所,目前已成功2所,剩下都是计划前往,犯罪嫌疑人2015年就已向广州一高校下手,但被抓获,如今他仍不知悔改,重操旧业。审问过程中梁某称自己动手前做足了功课查看了地图,这些高校都是位于地铁附近的学校,交通方便利于他逃走,而他专偷高校只因现高校校园都是开放式,管理松散便于自己混入,且办公室安全防范低常有人随意放置财物却不关门窗,一天成功两次他原以为神不知鬼不觉但没想到此番这么快栽了跟头。目前,犯罪嫌疑人梁某已被刑事拘留,案件正在进一步审理中。相关的主题文章: