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The surrounding travel and domestic travel into the mid autumn festival main travel over 6 tourists travel peak – Beijing, Beijing, September 18, according to the National Tourism Bureau website news, 2016 Mid Autumn Festival holiday tourism activities across the country rich and colorful, full moon theme tourism products favored, leisure atmosphere rich, smooth and orderly operation of the market. Compared with the Mid Autumn Festival in 2015 this year, a short tour around the main travel and domestic travel has become the Mid Autumn Festival, more than 6 tourists choose to fight fake travel peak. 2016 Mid Autumn Festival holiday mainly has the following characteristics: first, during the main tourist destination ushered in the peak reception Festival, in addition to Fujian and other coastal provinces and cities affected by the typhoon tourism significantly decreased the number of national weather, most of the rest of the region is good, ushered in the peak travel tourism. The city of Beijing into 170 major scenic tourist monitoring system for a total of 3 million 870 thousand tourists, including the Imperial Palace, a total of 174 thousand tourists; rural tourism is still the main choice of Beijing residents leisure tourism, received a total number of 938 thousand passengers. Guizhou province received a total of 11 million 555 thousand and 100 tourists, total tourism revenue of $7 billion 98 million, including Huangguoshu Waterfalls scenic area, including the 9 scenic spots, the number of tourists during the holiday period were more than 100 thousand passengers. Two, in the short distance travel has become the first choice, cruise tourism market warming domestic travel, with the way travel report data show that Naka Akimi Day holiday, more than half of the travel demand for the Zhou Bianyou. Domestic long-term travel (travel distance of more than 300 km) the main purpose of Sanya, Xiamen, such as Beijing, Zhangjiajie, etc.. Affected by the seasons, in the domestic long-term travel demand and the Mid Autumn Festival holiday in autumn, the line number of trips accounted for 18%, the chain greatly increased, the autumn destination popular with Jiuzhaigou, Dalian, Inner Mongolia etc.. Travel abroad, according to the statistical results of ass mother travel network of large data platform, the vacation time limit, compared with other Southeast Asian short-term travel to long distance travel abroad, a predetermined amount of superior, Thailand, South Korea and Japan in the country is still relatively hot in autumn of outbound tourists more interested in the destination, in a predetermined amount the top three. It is worth mentioning that this year booking outbound cruise tourists rose more than 300% last year compared to last year. Three, around the rich and colorful tourism products, tourism festival favored hot springs, theme parks, ecological tourism, religious temples, ancient villages and towns are the most popular during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday tourism theme. As the weather turns cool, hot spring resort is becoming a popular option for people around the holiday season. Many scenic spots launched to celebrate the theme of tourism products, such as the main town of Shuhe ";" Wuzhen Ying snow moon "water moon" unique artistic conception; "Zhouzhuang Lake moon" is heard it before; the ancient town of Tongli "bridges moon" fully reflects the Jiangnan charm; the ancient town of Huaiyuan folk festival activities is let visitors experience the traditional folk culture. Four, more than 6 tourists choose to fight fake travel peak this year’s Mid Autumn Festival holiday from the National Day golden week for nearly two weeks, many consumers fall travel demand through the fake fight in the mid autumn festival.相关的主题文章: