The small and medium-sized enterprise cooperation the Russian Prime Minister hit it off

"The small and medium-sized enterprise cooperation": the Russian Prime Minister in original title: "the small and medium-sized enterprise cooperation": the Russian Prime Minister hit it off at St Petersburg’s famous Constantine house, reporters waiting: Russian prime minister meeting, the importance of leverage, what about what? I heard last night Li Keqiang Medvedev still came accompanied by visiting the Elmi Tash Museum, China the prime minister has conducted informal talks. You know, such a private chat can often talk deeper. So what did they talk about Premier Li Keqiang 7 pm local time in St Petersburg, the palace of the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Medvedev and co chaired the Sino Russian Prime Minister on the twenty-first regular meeting on. A small range, a wide range, the signing ceremony, after a long wait for the two countries finally ushered in a total of prime minister reporter. Mystery revealed. Talk about the contents of indeed widely and deeply, especially it is Li Keqiang and Medvedev find everything fresh and new, in the face of the media is not a long time, invariably emphasizes a content — strengthening cooperation between small and medium sized enterprises "". Li Keqiang said that from last night’s informal talks to today’s regular meeting, we reached a broader consensus. There is still great potential for cooperation between China and russia. In the current world economic recovery is weak, the global trade downward trend under the condition of pragmatic cooperation between China and Russia in particular have a good foundation in some large cooperation projects, but also to tap the potential of the new cooperation of small and medium-sized enterprises is a huge potential field. Li Keqiang’s leading initiative, apparently got a positive response from the other side. Medvedev said that today we reached an agreement with the Chinese colleagues to establish a new platform for cooperation, that is, the joint support of small and medium enterprises platform. Only 20% of SMEs in Russia, in China, the proportion is much more. Yesterday, I also expressed to Premier Li Keqiang, our task is to make the greatest efforts to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and cooperation. After two days of talks, a total of reporters and focus on speaking, it seems that this is not a small event". In fact, after the signing ceremony, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the Russian Federal Ministry of economic development has signed a protocol on cooperation in small and medium enterprises. In China, Li Keqiang always spare no effort to promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, through the creation of the institutional environment and convenient for public entrepreneurship peoples innovation wrecker stage, through tax cuts down costs so as to create a better market environment. Diplomacy should serve the internal affairs, Li Keqiang had with Germany, South Korea and other foreign leaders have also talked about the cooperation of smes. This new way of cooperation, and now has been brought to Russia by the prime minister. The reason, Li Keqiang wanted to find a new growth point of Sino Russian cooperation, deepening the cooperation between the two sides of the "big" proposition can be from the "small" point of the essay. The reality is that in 2015 the Sino Russian trade volume has declined, the problem is not on both sides, mainly due to the international commodity prices fell. Between China and Russia, oil and gas, energy and other traditional projects in the past most of the cooperation, so although the volume of trade is still growing, but not to increase the volume of trade fell. Small and medium enterprises are relatively less sensitive to commodity prices, on the one hand is conducive to creating more jobs, on the other hand can also provide support for large enterprises to reduce.相关的主题文章: