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The old man over a hundred years old five generations almost every day to drink liquor original title: five generations old man "100 birthday" one hundred years old after one hundred years of groundless talk, yesterday, Meng granny Zhang Songtao ushered in the 100th birthday, children held a grand banquet for her birthday. Although too old, speak some breath, but the old man happily sitting in a chair to accept grandchildren birthday worship. At the age of 98, according to the custom of the actual life of "one hundred birthday yesterday morning, live in the eight house estate area old Mrs. Zhang Songtao home very lively. The middle position of the window the living room hung a huge "life", Zhang Songtao old man dressed up, sitting upright in a chair, surplice coat and behind the rust red red longevity lining, very happy. Originally, yesterday is Zhang Songtao 98 years old birthday, the old children who have come for the elderly birthday. In the old man’s son led, at 11 o’clock in the morning, arrived early the children a total of more than and 20 uniform kneeling in front of the old man, and a blessing. Grandchildren at the knee, the old man’s face lit up. The old man’s son Meng Changshui 78 years old this year, according to him, the 98 year old mother, but in accordance with the old customs, old Beadle Tianbao first year, 98, 99 years old can be according to the 100 year old birthday, his brothers and sisters and her mother for over a hundred years old. Mr. Meng said, the mother is Henan Luoyang, was born in 1918. "We Meng Jia ancestral home is in Shandong, grandpa moved to Tianjin." Early on to do business, Meng Jiapo savings, after his father Meng Guangcai moved from Tianjin to Henan to work in Luoyang. During his stay in Luoyang, his father’s first wife died, leaving 3 sons. Soon, the 18 year old mother married father. However, the outbreak of the Anti Japanese War, in order to escape the war, his father came to Xi’an with the whole family, old and young. "My mother gave birth to our 9 sons, a daughter, and the three brothers, we have a total of 13 brothers and sisters." Mr. Meng, according to rough statistics, in addition to their deceased brother, Meng Jia is currently a total of 108 people, there are five generations, the mother grandchildren around 10 people. Living in Hanzhoung rushed to the old nine Meng Zhaowu, went straight to her mother. Her mother kissed on the forehead, mother’s health, "my mom had 100 birthday, we are fortunate, again far also had to come back." Grandson of 40 year old Meng Dengpan said happily, grandma is great, in terms of life and life for them to set an example. Used every day to watch the news at home and abroad all know sitting around the elderly, the China Daily reporter trying to communicate with, found the old man some asthma, ears back, need someone to repeat out loud in her ear, the son heard refrain, the old man showed relaxed demeanor, know to the guests, but also from time to time from the China Daily reporter nodded, polite. The face turns come over birthday children, they asked the old man in the ear, whether to know the name of that old people are accurate to call. 68 year old Meng Zhaoming introduced, although there are many children, but the mother is willing to Kay相关的主题文章: