The Ministry of Justice issued a national judicial and administrative work in 13th Five-Year

The Ministry of Justice issued a national judicial and administrative work for 13th Five-Year – development planning of Beijing, the newspaper Beijing news reporter Ge Xiaoyang in September 13th the Justice Department recently issued the "national judicial administrative work during the period of" 13th Five-Year "development plan", planning the next 5 years, the blueprint for the development of judicial administrative work. The "Outline" summed up "and the basic experience made the administration of justice in 12th Five-Year" period of achievement, a profound analysis of the judicial administrative work of the 13th Five-Year face "situation, clearly put forward the" 13th Five-Year "period of the judicial administrative work of the guiding ideology, the main objectives, basic principles and main tasks. The "Outline" put forward, the judicial administrative organs at all levels should adhere to the overall national security concept, efforts to enhance the level of the prison work, strengthen the administration of justice of rehabilitation work, promote community correction, strengthen the people’s mediation and resettlement work, give full play to the functions of judicial and administrative work to maintain national security and social stability. To adapt to China’s economic development in the new norm, actively provide legal services for the sustained and healthy economic development, to provide legal services and legal assistance to protect and improve people’s livelihood efforts, vigorously promote public legal service system construction. Full implementation of the "75 year plan", carry out the law publicity and education and governance according to law, and earnestly fulfill the coordination and guidance and inspection duties. The outline from the comprehensive strengthen basic construction of judicial administration, to promote the implementation of major projects, vigorously strengthen the informatization construction of science and technology to further strengthen the administration of justice, judicial and administrative publicity, publishing, legal education, theoretical research and foreign affairs work, make arrangements to strengthen the protection capacity building. The "Outline" requirements, to deepen the prison system reform, improve the system of community correction, improve the unified management system of judicial expertise, deepen the reform of the legal system, improve the legal aid system, improve the national unified legal occupation qualification system, improve the system of judicial assistance, seriously do good people’s supervisors and the people’s jury selection and management, and constantly improve the judicial administrative system Chinese characteristics. We should strengthen the legal system of judicial administration, improve the legislation, reform and waste of relevant laws, improve and perfect the system of judicial administrative rules and regulations, and continuously improve the level of administration according to law. The "Outline" requirements, vigorously improve the ideological and political quality of judicial administrative staff, enhance professional ability, strengthen discipline style construction, adhere to the preferential treatment from the police, to provide organizational guarantee for the reform and development of judicial administration. Adhere to the rule of law, continue to maintain the high pressure to curb corruption, and earnestly implement the main responsibility and oversight responsibilities of honest government, and further promote the integrity of the judicial administrative system and anti-corruption struggle. The "Outline" stressed that the national judicial and administrative authorities at all levels and the General Administration of justice and police officers, legal service workers should be more closely united around Comrade Xi Jinping as the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, hearten spirit, solid work, forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, constantly promote judicial and administrative reform and development, and strive to win a complete victory completed the stage of a well-off society.相关的主题文章: