The Ministry of education’s National English proficiency test will be launched in 2020 pr011.msi

The Ministry of Education: National English level exam in 2020 before gradually launched – Beijing, Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 14 November, according to the Ministry of Education published 14 news, Chinese English ability rating scale has completed the main developed countries, English level test plan in 2020 before gradually launched. The National English proficiency test level foreign language test development philosophy, to Chinese English ability rating scale as the basis, based on inheriting the advantages of the domestic English exam, the exam level design classification, designed to enhance the selective scientific, systematic, pilot test in English major education in China, to provide a the development of a coherent and orderly ladder for students of foreign language ability. According to the Ministry of education, China English proficiency rating scale has been completed, the main body is expected to be officially announced in 2017. This is the first in China covering all stages of education, English teaching and learning ability evaluation standard, it will help to solve the different standard English test in China, the separation of teaching and testing, teaching target of each stage is not coherent, to achieve mutual recognition of communication in English Teaching of "one-stop" and a variety of learning outcomes. In addition to the description of listening and speaking, reading and writing skills, China English ability rating scale constructed "pragmatic competence" scale, the purpose is to promote the cultivation of English Teaching in China on students’ language proficiency and cultural awareness and intercultural communicative competence. In 2014, the State Council "on deepening the reform of admissions exam system implementation opinions" in the clear, China foreign language ability evaluation system construction goal is: Based on the establishment of national foreign language evaluation standards, to promote the reform of the content and form of the examination, to achieve the National English proficiency test level and foreign language exam convergence or integration, the completion of the preliminary National English ability rank test, China English ability rating scale and the international well-known English exam, well-known foreign language scale, improve the development of docking study systematic examination, promote research, combined with the evaluation and summative assessment form to 2020, modern foreign language ability evaluation system basically completed the standard uniform, diversified functions.相关的主题文章: