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Men’s work from the 1 floor 1 floor to negative Beijing – remain unconscious Henan Daily reporter Cui Wen in September 29, 2016 10 pm, from Xinyang, Lei Wu Guowei at the site downstairs on the way, accidentally fell down the stairs, immediately right patella fracture, more than and 20 days after hospital treatment, and sudden cerebral peduncle, dying. [event] fell into the stairs after hospitalization and sudden cerebral infarction September 2016 fracture, Lei Wu Guowei led down in the villager Zhang east to Xingyang Longji construction company twenty shop resettlement housing construction site work. More than 10 points of the evening of September 29th, down from the 1 floor on the way Lei Wu Guowei fell to negative 1 floor. The site sent him to the Xingyang City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, after the examination for the right patella comminuted fracture, then in the hospital for surgery. The reason was revealed to the family falls, Lei Wu Guowei said that because of the stairs without lights, one foot fell down. In the pre hospital treatment, the site had treatment costs 10 thousand yuan, the son of thunder said, in the repeated urging of family members, the site has paid thousands of dollars. After more than and 20 days of hospitalization, the site to discuss a manager and their families compensation issues, but the last part. Who knows a few days later after the morning of October 23rd, Lei Wu Guowei in hospital sudden cerebral infarction remain unconscious, was sent to the ICU. After hearing the news, the thunder Wu Guowei and fellow site contractors Liu Shiying said no matter. In October 24th, two were transferred to the Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University Lei Wu Guowei to continue treatment. Surgery costs spent 30 thousand yuan, the back of every day to nearly $10 thousand in treatment costs." Thunder said, up to now, the cost spent about 130 thousand yuan, the other only paid 30 thousand yuan, the father is still in the ICU dying remain unconscious. The reporter saw in the diagnosis certificate issued in Xingyang City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine on patients is due to "caused by falls right knee pain hospitalization, hospitalization sudden cerebral infarction in October 23rd. A country is a ray of speculation, is likely to fall also fell on the head, but the patient did not check, may also be due to complications of fractures. For the cause of cerebral infarction, the family wanted to do forensic, were told to have a business license of construction company, but to a few times, don’t give." [] that family: hope to have a reasonable argument: the site is actively coordinate and solve in November 12th, the reporter went to the site, the accident site is located in a high-rise building in the ground layer and the two layer connection. Because there is no staircase, the site on their own welding a simple staircase on the first floor and the two floor, the stairs are not easy to trample on the board, but with a smooth steel pipe together. The families of the victims said, Lei Wu Guowei did ten hours a day to live, until 10 pm before work, plus the stairs under the inconvenience and no lights, ta after the plant down. Site responsible person surnamed Zhang said: "we let the lawyers and contact you as soon as possible, what things are to have a process, we are actively coordinating with the." 12 on the morning of 11 pm, the dragon town a deputy mayor responsible for coordinating the matter to reporters and family waiting at the site, said in a moment"相关的主题文章: