The magnitude 4.1 earthquake no casualties affected by high iron recovery operations in Guangxi –

The magnitude 4.1 earthquake no casualties affected by high iron recovery operations – Beijing new network in Nanning in September 17, Guangxi guests (Xie Aiying Tang Zhongyang) according to the determination of seismic network in Guangxi at 9:52 on September 17th, moved to town Guangxi Laibin City district (north latitude, longitude 108.95° 23.64°) 4.1 earthquake occurred, focal depth 5 kilometers. At present, no report of casualties. It is reported that the earthquake earthquake intensity is v degree, influence scope includes Laibin City District, Binyang County, Nanning City, Shanglin County, a total of 3 counties, the influence area is expected to 7108 square kilometers, the total number of earthquake affected about 1 million 290 thousand people. As of September 17th 11:30, Laibin City District Bridge Gong Zhen has a small amount of housing tiles falling; Laibin City Shiling Town, Binyang County, Nanning City, Liuzhou city have felt. After the earthquake, Guangxi earthquake emergency response plans to start emergency response. Guangxi Seismological Bureau and Laibin City quickly dispatched personnel to carry out disaster investigation and on-site emergency work. Guests of the Secretary of the Municipal Committee, mayor Lei Yingmin requirements to quickly verify the situation to ensure personnel safety. The vice mayor Tan Jiehui led the team rushed to the scene to direct disaster investigation and disaster relief work. The city emergency office, the Seismological Bureau and the relevant departments have launched the earthquake emergency response mechanism. It is reported that the source center from Liunan passenger dedicated line distance of about 24 km in xiangguirailway. For the traffic safety of passenger trains, the railway in Nanning after the earthquake immediately launched an earthquake emergency response, timely button all train stop Liunan passenger dedicated guests north to Binyang section, Pingyang to Phoenix xiangguirailway small section, to line running, organize personnel to conduct safety inspections of railway equipment. After a comprehensive investigation of the railway sector, train operation order is gradually restored. As of 12:30, EMU late 10 minutes more than 19 times, the general speed train delayed more than 30 minutes more than 7 times. At present, has not received reports of casualties, damage to housing is further statistics, good social order. (end)相关的主题文章: