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UnCategorized If you’ve never heard the magical sound of sleigh bells, perhaps it’s time you did! Sleigh bells jingling away on a cold winter’s night is one of the most nostalgic and heart-warming sounds in the world. Here’s a little bit of history about- well- jingle bells! Bells of all kinds have been in existence for century upon century and have served a variety of useful purposes, but the sleigh bell in particular has been traced back to as early as the Holy Roman Empire. Great Roman soldiers on horseback would attach a single gold or silver sleigh bell to their horse’s bridle: it was meant to be a show of wealth and power, and it was also a beautiful ornament. As time wore on, the sleigh bell came to be associated with good luck and the prevention of disease. During the dark days and nights of excruciatingly cold winters in northern countries, bells were thought to have mystical powers and were used as talismans to ward off evil spirits. Sleigh bells were hung in bunches on front doors of homes, so that when a door was opened, nothing evil could enter. The bells were also strung on the harnesses of horses and draped on sleighs to protect travelers during their journey. Of course, the sleigh bells used on horse rigs served a very practical purpose beyond handling people’s superstitions. Even a century ago, before automobiles were .mon, most roads were extremely narrow; bells on wagons, sleighs, and horses served as warnings to pedestrians and animals that might otherwise have been run over. In fact, many places in the United States mandated the use of bells as a matter of law. But the real popularity of the sleigh bell, even today, must be attributed to its charming and soothing jingle. Unlike the shrill bell of a fire alarm or the deep foreboding tones of Church bells, the sleigh bell has a whimsical and unthreatening sound that brings smiles to people’s faces. It has also be.e associated with Christmas thanks to Santa Claus and popular songs like "Jingle Bells." In other words, the sound of a sleigh bell evokes pleasant associations and remembrances of simpler times. Those who are lucky enough to live in Canada or northern parts of the United States may still hear the sounds of jingle bells on a regular basis during the winter months, even when it’s no longer Christmas time. Ski vacationers to western states can take time to enjoy an authentic sleigh ride through the mountains, .plete with sleigh bells jingling, and thereby travel back through time to when days were simpler and life moved more slowly. Sleigh bells have a long history, but their charm and innocent sound still ring true today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: