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Autoresponders When running a business or internet marketing campaign it’s important to stay in touch with potential customers, clients, and/or leads to stay ahead of the .petition. The easiest way to do this today is by email. By implementing an opt-in form to your website, any interested viewer can add their contact information to receive any news, updates, and/or offers you may have for them. Adding a form to a website is not for everybody (very few actually). It takes some considerable technical knowledge to set up correctly. And manually sending out e-mails can also be a big drain on your precious time. Thankfully, we have autoresponse systems (or "autoresponders") at our disposal. When you have this tool in place, ALL you have to concern yourself with is writing the subject matter for your Emails. The system then automatically sends them out on a schedule set by you. This significantly reduces the time and effort needed to send out separate Emails and gets rid of the unprofessional forwards. The two major autoresponse systems on the market today are GetResponse and Aweber One of the reasons why these autoresponders are so popular is because of the tutoring and support features they have. They both supply training demos and tutorials that educate you how to set up your system the exact way you want it. Weekly marketing webinars are provided as well. When I checked out AWeber in January 2011 they had seven webinars on six diverse topics. Some of these topics were: getting started, following up and connecting with your subscribers, and how to create a useful newsletter. I believe both AWeber and Get Response are fantastic services. Besides providing good educational tools they each offer: -The set-up of limitless autoresponders and lists. -The ability to dispatch an unlimited amount of Emails to your subscribers. -Many different templates and color options for both your newsletters and opt-in forms. -In depth data on who opened your email, who clicked on links inside your email, and who purchased something. With this data you can see what you are (or are not) doing well. -Both integrate a variety of Web 2.0 features (Facebook, Twitter, etc) There are some differences between the two that you should note upon as well. Price Winner – GetResponse. GetResponse has the better price. They have a neat pay-as-you-grow option. If you have less than 100 subscribers it’s free. When you add more subscribers you will have to move up to their 250 or 500 subscriber selection at 9.95/month or 14.00/month respectively. AWeber begins at the 500 subscriber option at 19.00/month. Web 2.0 Winner – Aweber Even though they both have ways to integrate Web 2.0, AWeber wins this one, at least for me. Why? The integration it allows with your blog. You can have AWeber send out an email every time you post on your blog. Too much too fast? You can send an email when you reach a specific amount of posts; or on a given day each month. These last two options incorporate a summary of your posts in the email so your subscriber can pick out and read the ones that interest him/her. Deliverability Winner – Aweber This is the most important factor when selecting an autoresponder. What good is dispatching multiple emails only for them to get put in your subscriber’s spam folder? Aweber is known for it’s ridiculously high delivery rates and maintain that more than 99% of the emails sent by their customers get delivered successfully to their subscriber’s inbox folder. Overall, I believe Aweber is the better system. They are currently offering a promo where your first month is only $1. Whichever you select, you will be much happier with an autoresponder to help you with your Email marketing needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: