The 2016 Hengdian marathon February 1st open enrollment day the number of over 8 thousand sports –

The 2016 Hengdian marathon February 1st open enrollment day the number of over 8 thousand Sohu   sports; 2015 Hengdian marathon moment   2015 Hengdian marathon man group Chinese players from the first "into the film, through the history" as the theme of the 2016 Hengdian Marathon ("horse"), after a month of forecast the stage, February 1st morning 9 when zero to start a formal registration process. It is understood that the registration of the hot far beyond the imagination of people. Only the number of runners reached 129, and the number of runners in each team reached 8082. In these running groups, the province runs 107 teams, the number of players is 6610; the province outside the group of 22, the number of players is 1472. The athletes from Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong and so on. These runners are professional marathon runners, all participate in half marathon, they come to Hengdian competition will greatly enhance the professionalism of cross horse, but also make the competition more intense competition. It is also understood that there are still many running group recently signed up to participate in horizontal horse, and the individual identity of their competitors are also in an endless stream. It is estimated that 10 thousand half marathon and 5000 running races will not take long, and they will be robbed by all over the country". A lot of running group lineup is very strong, the name "Shanghai run" run number 168 player group, Hangzhou City, Hangzhou Ma would run for the 300 player group number, Ningbo city "98 golden generation" group ran a number of competitors is 311, and the "home state" run quantity group of players is up to 500. A Shanghai player said: "I have been to Hengdian film city tourism, Hengdian film city impression is very profound, this time I signed up for the Hengdian marathon, hoping to be able to run freely in the beautiful scenic spots, as far as possible to create their own good results." He said he had participated in Wuxi, Shanghai, Yangzhou, Guangzhou City Marathon, but the feeling is very monotonous and run in the street of the city, that run in the horizontal horse picturesque track, there must be a wonderful feeling. China sports daily, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Zhejiang daily, youth times, sports news, evening news, Hangzhou daily, city express, Jinhua daily, Dongyang daily, Dongyang issued a large number of media have issued a cross race news aroused widespread public concern, Hengdian rich cultural atmosphere to attract a large number of professional film and television even non professional players, players also have a strong desire to participate in the 6 km run through, in order to experience and enjoy the unique charm of the horse. Qianjiang Evening News, youth times, urban express organized lucky readers to run the group of places, almost instantly by "spike"". Many foreign players even asked for the name of the phone, and begged, "you must leave me a place for the competition."!" The 2016 Hengdian marathon, scheduled for firing at 8 a.m. on April 10th, was sponsored by the people’s Government of Dongyang, Dongyang Sports Bureau and Zhejiang Hengdian Sports Development Co., Ltd., and was co sponsored by Hengdian film and TV city. At present, the preparatory work is being actively promoted, vice mayor Jiang Lingshu asked for relevant 2016横店马拉松2月1日开启报名 半天人数超8千-搜狐体育  2015横店马拉松比赛瞬间  2015横店马拉松男子组中国籍选手第一名   以“跑进电影,穿越历史”为主题的2016横店马拉松(简称“横马”),经过一个月的预报名阶段,2月1日上午9时零分启动了正式报名程序。据了解,报名情况的火爆远远超出了人们的想象。仅跑团数量就达到了129个,各跑团的选手人数达到 8082名。   在这些跑团中,省内跑团107个,选手人数为6610名;省外跑团22个,选手人数为1472名。省外跑团的选手分别来自上海、江苏、安徽、江西、福建、广东等。这些跑团的选手都是专业马拉松运动员,全部要参加半程马拉松,他们来横店参赛将极大提升横马的专业性,也使比赛的竞争更加激烈。另据了解,还有很多跑团近日将集体报名参加横马,而以个人身份自行报名参赛的选手也是络绎不绝。预计1万个半程马拉松和5000个穿越跑的参赛名额用不了多长时间,就会被全国各地选手“抢光”。   不少跑团的阵容都很强大,名为“上海一起跑”的跑团选手数量有168名,杭州市“杭马会”跑团选手数量为300名,宁波市“98黄金一代”跑团选手数量为311名,而“得邦家园”跑团选手数量更是多达500名。一位上海选手说:“我去过横店影视城旅游,对横店影视城印象非常深刻,这次我报名参加横店马拉松,希望能够在美丽的景区中轻松自如地奔跑,尽可能创造出自己的好成绩。”他介绍自己曾经参加过无锡、上海、扬州、广州等城市的马拉松,但感觉在城市的马路上跑很单调枯躁,相信在如诗如画的横马赛道上奔跑,一定会有美妙的感觉。   中国体育报、新浪、搜狐、网易、浙江日报、青年时报、体坛报、钱江晚报、杭州日报、都市快报、金华日报、东阳日报、东阳发布等大量媒体都发出了横马赛事消息,引起了公众的广泛关注,横店浓郁的影视文化氛围吸引了大量专业选手,即使非专业选手也都强烈希望参加6公里的穿越跑,以此来体验和享受横马的独特魅力。钱江晚报、青年时报、都市快报组织的幸运读者跑团的名额,几乎瞬间被“秒杀”。不少外地选手甚至在电话预报名时,恳求“你们一定要给我留一个参赛名额啊!”   定于4月10日上午8时鸣枪的2016横店马拉松,由东阳市人民政府主办,东阳市体育局、浙江横店体育发展有限公司承办,横店影视城协办。目前各项筹备工作正在积极推进之中,副市长蒋令树要求各有关部门齐心协力、高效精细地做好各项工作,确保2016横马成功举行。   另据了解,届时正在横店影视城拍戏的各个影视剧组将组成方阵参加横马赛事,古装跑、宠物跑等趣味横生的方阵队伍与2015横马相比,只多不少。   (曾毓琳)相关的主题文章: