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The 19 year old students to make the train station model brick, roof radian microfilm – Beijing – Community reporter Cong Junru as of yesterday afternoon, micro-blog has more than 50 thousand hits a 19 year old Jia Tianqi released. Micro-blog content is a platform for a group of Shijiazhuang new railway station he uploaded in August 27th. The text introduces, this is his 3 months cumulative 400 hours to make the miniature landscape. Due to the effect of realistic onlookers onlookers Marvel: thought it was the scene. Have very realistic producers still feel very rough wide on the platform, the train stops on both sides, signs, ceiling, and other facilities of landscape plants. Producer Jia Tianqi intention is to make the master pointing miniature landscape made friends about. But a few days back to the micro-blog, mostly for this group of landscape point praise. In fact, I know a lot of details are not in place, still need to improve." He said. August 29th morning, the reporter met Jia Tianqi in the district. Reporters to see the miniature landscape style, but he words said slowly, the platform landscape has been torn down. Sure enough, in his room, all kinds of parts filled the bed and underground. "The feeling is that the work is not very mature," he explained. Currently studying at the Department of mathematics, Shandong University, is a sophomore. Speaking of the production site landscape, he said purely accidental. In April this year, Jia Tianqi saw the Internet inadvertently, miniature landscape the netizen of a Lianyungang made the LianYunGang Railway Station platform, this theme let Jia Tianqi immediately resonate. "I also like the train, when I was young, I liked to see the train along the railway line, so I thought I would do something similar." Ready to test for making a good platform to improve the landscape, Jia Tianqi early to do a lot of preparation, the first is the on-the-spot investigation, who can see the landscape, is photographed as a reference. This is a more detailed living, such as the length of a floor tile on the platform, the platform distance. According to the ceiling arcs and the degree of bending calculation of parabolic roof, including the ceiling bracket shape, building height and so on he will strive to the most standard form or data, what sign even on the platform floor tile color, on the platform, sign written what to restore. In a word, everything in reality, his model as far as possible to achieve a complete copy. An interesting detail is that, in order to be able to enter the site investigation, he bought a ticket to the Zhengding airport, back as far as possible to stop for a while and then out of the station, in order to see more, take more pictures. After the field investigation, he also on the Internet with the railway station, train related parameters, and even find out the relevant planning and design. In the process of continuous query and accumulation, the production plan is also clear in his mind. After that is the production process, Jia Tianqi introduced, the materials are purchased on the Internet, like tracks, trains are ready-made things. What he needs to do is PVC and other materials to produce the corresponding parts. Easier said than done. For example, such as the production of the platform roof, how to make up the ceiling bending radian.相关的主题文章: