The 120th Canton Fair closed, export turnover of over 187 billion 300 million yuan-rosstallanma

The 120th session of the Canton Fair export turnover of over 187 billion 300 million yuan over the fair in the security work, also joined the ranks of the shopping spree. Information Times reporter Kang Jian photo information times (reporter Cheng Xiaozhen) yesterday, the 120th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) successfully concluded. It is reported that the export volume of the Canton Fair totaled 187 billion 300 million yuan (equivalent to 27 billion 890 million US dollars), which was 3.2% higher than that of 2015 autumn (year on year). Among them, mechanical and electrical products is still the first transaction. Xu Bing, spokesman of the Canton Fair and deputy director of the China Foreign Trade Center, introduced the overall operation of the Canton fair. Xu Bing introduction, the Canton Fair overseas buyers number showed a resumption of growth, turnover is primarily to stabilize the situation. According to statistics, the purchase of business daily to 185704 people, from 213 countries (regions), compared with 2015 autumn intersection increased by 4.6%. The number of purchasing business daily in different continents was from 19.04% to 104783 in Asia, 56.42% in Europe, 35360 in Europe, 26192 in America, 14.11% in Africa, 13764 in Africa, 7.41% in Oceania, 5605 in 3.02% in america. Compared with the 118th Canton Fair, Asia grew by 4.22%, European growth by 6.53%, Americas growth by 10.91%, Africa by 6.32%, and Oceania by 0.11%. Among them, "The Belt and Road along the country purchase daily to 81604 people, an increase of 7.93%, accounting for 44% of the total. The number of registered officers increased by 4.6% over the same period, with the main characteristics of emerging markets and developing countries growing by 8.37%, with an increase of over the overall average. "The 7.93% growth The Belt and Road along the country, ASEAN, SAARC increased considerably, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries is the main growth in Russia; growth of 9.56%, an increase of 21.53% in Iran. Xu Bing said that the Canton Fair actively docking "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, through the guide enterprises to strengthen research and development, brand cultivation, marketing network construction, and constantly promote the development of foreign trade and energy conversion structure optimization and upgrading. According to statistics, the export volume of the Canton Fair was RMB 187 billion 301 million yuan (equivalent to 27 billion 890 million US dollars), which was 3.2% higher than that of 2015 autumn (year on year). Among them, the mechanical and electrical products still ranked first in the transaction. Mechanical and electrical products traded 15 billion 100 million dollars, an increase of 1.8%, accounting for 54.1% of the total turnover; light industrial products traded 7 billion 200 million dollars, an increase of 2.9%, accounting for 25.8% of total turnover; textile clothing turnover of 1 billion 630 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 1.8%, accounting for 5.8% of total turnover. Editor in chief: GDN005

第120届广交会落幕 出口成交超1873亿元人民币      交易会上的保安在工作之余,也加入到扫货队伍中来。信息时报记者 康健 摄   信息时报讯 (记者 成小珍) 昨日,第120届中国进出口商品交易会(广交会)圆满闭幕。据悉,本届广交会累计出口成交1873亿元人民币(折合278.9亿美元),比2015年秋交会(同比,下同)增长3.2%。其中,机电商品仍居成交之首。   广交会新闻发言人、中国对外贸易中心副主任徐兵介绍了本届广交会总体运行情况。徐兵介绍,本届广交会的境外采购商到会数量呈恢复性增长、成交额呈初步回稳态势。据统计,采购商报到185704人,来自213个国家(地区),比2015年秋交会增长4.6%。   各大洲采购商报到人数按比例从高到低依次为:亚洲104783人,占56.42%;欧洲35360人,占19.04%;美洲26192人,占14.11%;非洲13764人,占7.41%;大洋洲5605人,占3.02%。   与第118届广交会相比,亚洲增长4.22%,欧洲增长6.53%,美洲增长10.91%,非洲减少6.32%,大洋洲增长0.11%。其中,“一带一路”沿线国家采购商报到81604人,增长7.93%,占总体的44%。   本届报到人数同比增长4.6%,主要特点有:新兴市场和发展中国家增长8.37%,增幅优于总体平均水平。“一带一路”沿线国家增长7.93%,东盟、南盟增幅较大,其中马来西亚、印度尼西亚、泰国、菲律宾、越南、孟加拉、巴基斯坦等国是增长的主力;俄罗斯增长9.56%,伊朗增长21.53%。   徐兵表示,本届广交会积极对接“一带一路”战略,通过引导企业加强研发、培育品牌、构建营销网络,不断推动外贸发展动能转换和结构优化升级。   据统计,本届广交会累计出口成交1873.01亿元人民币(折合278.9亿美元),比2015年秋交会(同比,下同)增长3.2%。其中机电商品仍排在成交首位。机电商品成交151.0亿美元,增长1.8%,占总成交额的54.1%;轻工产品成交72.0亿美元,增长2.9%,占总成交额的25.8%;纺织服装成交16.3亿美元,增长1.8%,占总成交额的5.8%。 责任编辑: GDN005相关的主题文章: